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Perfect Dark soundtrack updated
Saturday, May 8th, 2010 at 07:44:45 GMT - permalink

Perfect Dark soundtrackWith plenty of gamers enjoying the PD XBLA remake for a while now (oh yeah, there's been a title update for the game too with a bunch of fixes), I figured it's a good time to refresh our soundtrack offering of the game's music. This update brings the track listing up to 97, with in-game tracks now looping twice and the inclusion of all the cutscene music. I've also been able to include a special version of the Credits theme courtesy of ex-Rare maestro Grant Kirkhope. Here's some words from the man himself of the origin of this track:

"I re-recorded it (the Credits theme) as Microsoft were thinking about using it in Perfect Dark Zero but then never did. I really enjoyed re-doing it and I got to do a guitar solo.....hehe!"

Thanks Grant! Stop by the Perfect Dark music page to grab each track individually or pick up the massive collection in one zip. Enjoy!

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