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Perfect Dark
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The year is 2023. Technology continues to thrive and advance, bringing anti-gravity devices and holographic technology into reality. Many corporations have invested in furthering the world's hi-tech industry, with big businesses running the show. One such developer, the dataDyne Corporation, seeks new levels of technology ceaselessly in the race to be number one.

Perfect Dark

Nintendo 64:
USA  May 22, 2000
Europe  Jun 30, 2000
Australia  Jun 16, 2000
Japan  Oct 21, 2000

Xbox Live Arcade:
USA  March 17, 2010
Europe  March 17, 2010
Australia  March 17, 2010

Recent developments have secured their lead manufacturing position, with companies all around the world sharing the fruits of their labor. Despite these advances, global prosperity is still unachieved, as the leader and culture of dataDyne is driven by power and dominance.

Their latest invention certainly adds to dataDyne's ego - the world's first sentient AI computer, capable of thinking and making decisions on its own. Named "Dr. Caroll" and developed in secret, the AI quickly demonstrates its robotic personality. It seemed the artificial intelligence developed its very own morals and refused to continue with dataDyne's tasks, as it felt they betrayed ethical and moral standards.

Before dataDyne could counter the issue by removing Dr. Caroll's personality, the robot contacts the Carrington Institute - headed by world-renowned entrepreneur Daniel Carrington. Dr. Caroll hopes to find salvation and extraction from dataDyne with the hope of revealing their seedy and dark dealings to Carrington's agents.

Cue freshly-trained CI agent Joanna Dark, ready to face her first mission. Briefed on the extraction operation awaiting her, this mission seems ideal to launch Joanna's experience.

There's more than meets the eye though, as upon recovering Dr. Caroll they'll discover the shrouded secrets of dataDyne and a hidden plot threatening the entire planet. The pressure's on, and the fate of many will rest with Joanna's success or failure.

You'll play as Joanna from the first person perspective as she uncovers dataDyne's mysteries through 17 missions of intense action. As the semi-sequel to Rare's GoldenEye masterpiece, veterans and newcomers alike will be right at home with all the aspects the game has to offer. Get ready to find out what a day in the life of Joanna Dark is all about.

Package artwork

Expansion Pak information (Nintendo 64 version)

Features Available Without With
  Multiplayer Challenges Yes Yes
  1 Player (Solo Missions) No Yes
  1-2P Multiplayer (Combat Simulator) Yes Yes
  1-4P Multiplayer (Combat Simulator) No Yes
  1-2P Cooperative No Yes
  2P Counter Operative No Yes
  Up To Eight Simulants Yes Yes
  Approximate % Of Game Available To Player 35% 100%