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Rare updates and a new PD community addition
Sunday, July 25th, 2010 at 23:34:47 GMT - permalink

Let's see what's been happening in Rare's world lately. E3 came and went with only Rare's new Kinect Sports title revealed (take it or leave it, let's hope they have plenty more going on behind-the-scenes), but if you're still enjoying PD XBLA there's a new face (well, sort of ) showing up in the Combat Simluator - Agent 4 from the recent Crackdown 2. All you need is a Crackdown 2 save file on your 360 and Agent 4 will pop into the Combat Simulator where he looks right at home with the dataDyne Shocktroopers. The relaunched official Rare website is also picking up steam, be sure to check out a recent video tour of their new studio in Birmingham for a great peek at their day-to-day activities.

There's also an interesting new project in the community, and incidentally it uses one of this website's former names. Perfect Dark Saga is a great new text-based online game, swing by and take a look! The game is still in its early stages at the moment but is looking to be quite lively and worth a look for fans hoping to get involved in a (unofficial) continuation of the PD timeline.

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