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Joanna DarkInterested in the history of this website? The original release of Perfect Dark on the Nintendo 64 back in 2000 brought about numerous coverage on the web for Joanna Dark's adventures. We've been around since 2001, poking about with different names, designs and anything else Grimshaw has locked away in his lab.


Long ago in the wee months of 2001, this website began life as Pure Dark. A simple repository of guides and information for the N64 game, we slowly branched out, skipping over a second name (Perfect Dark Saga) before finally arriving at your current destination.

Sadly the Perfect Dark series hasn't enjoyed as much coverage on the web as yesteryear, so we've been helping hold the fort down with information, guides, multimedia and anything else in Joanna's world. With the prequel Perfect Dark Zero taking point on the Xbox 360's launch lineup, there's still plenty of story and action left in this franchise.

Technically, the site employs mostly PHP and a dash of MySQL out the back, while graphics are produced with everyone's favourite Photoshop and (pre-Adobe) Macromedia Fireworks.

For posterity and a trip down memory lane, check out these small images below for a glimpse of the site's previous incarnations.

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