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Perfect Dark universe FAQ

Who is Joanna Dark?

Joanna Dark is the protagonist of the series - a young twenty-something operative of the Carrington Institute and a master spy. Growing up under the tutelege of her father Jack Dark, Joanna led a life few others could even dream of. Learning the tricks of the trade, she quickly picked up elite bounty hunting techniques from her father and eventually found herself under the employment of Daniel Carrington. Both she and Carrington share common hostilities towards the Institute's rival company, dataDyne, and find themselves frequently battling the mega-corporation. Spearheading many of the Institute's most critical missions, Joanna's exploits have not only taken her across the globe, but ultimately through the outer reaches of space itself.

What does "Perfect Dark" mean?

"Perfect Dark" is Joanna's callsign at the Institute. For breaking the former training record far beyond the standard rating system's limits, Joanna quickly drew herself a reputation of "perfection" and a win-at-all-costs attitude while completing missions. In not so many words it means Joanna is indisputably the best field operative the CI has to offer.

Who is Daniel Carrington?

Born into a privileged family, Daniel inherited his father's prestigious research & development firm. Passing the reins of the company to his mother, Daniel soon after founded his own division - the Carrington Institute. A wealthy entrepreneur, Daniel's company primarily researches and develops new technology for the US and British governments. His greatest rivals are the dataDyne corporation, a firm devoted to leading the technology market no matter the cost.

What is the Carrington Institute?

Daniel Carrington's brainchild, founded in 1978. This research and development company delivers top-secret technology to both the US and British governments, delivering critical assets when the need arises. Due to the current nature of high-flying businesses, Daniel often employs "field operatives", people responsible for seeking out and reporting on the activities of rival corporations.

What is dataDyne?

The dataDyne Corporation is the world's leading developer of new technology - at least they think they are. Ruthlessly crushing the competition, dataDyne's core motive is to flatly make money. Often rejecting ethical standards, they tend to do whatever it takes to get their way. Founded in 1995 by Zhang Li, the reins of the company eventually fall into the hands of Cassandra De Vries, who's lust for power fuels dataDyne's operations.

Who are the Maians?

The Maians are a race of highly intelligent creatures not of this world. Their oversized heads and lack of any facial features besides a pair of large eyes give them a striking resemblance to the "Roswell aliens". Peaceful in nature, the Maians had been observing human life on Earth without interfering, until they were amazingly discovered by Daniel Carrington's latest technology in 1985. Rather than turning away from Earth, the Maians decided to forge an alliance with Daniel as their first contact with the human race. At present the Maians are at war with a violent and aggressive race of creatures known as the Skedar.

Who are the Skedar?

An aggressive and barbartic species, the Skedar worship violence and live to fight. Any other life in the universe can expect trouble if they meet the Skedar, the Maians learned this lesson the hard way. A millennia-spanning war broke out between the two races, until the Maians managed a shaky cease-fire while trying to negotiate peace with the Skedar. Vile and untrusting, the Skedar used the silence to devote their time in discovering a way to eliminate the Maians once and for all. Their search ultimately brings them to Earth, dragging both dataDyne and the Carrington Institute into the vortex.