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Perfect Dark Zero FAQ

What system is the game available for?

Perfect Dark Zero is only available on Microsoft's latest console, the Xbox 360.

Where in the series' timeline is the game set?

PDZ is set in the year 2020, some three years before the original Perfect Dark.

Are there any returning characters from the original PD?

Besides Joanna's reprisal, the game will reveal how she came into contact with Daniel Carrington.

Do any classic weapons appear in the game?

Several weapons from the original game feature a role in the game, including the Laptop, SuperDragon and RCP90.

What are the game's default controls?

View this scan from the PDZ manual to read up on the standard controller settings.

What kind of new gameplay features does the game have?

The game introduces a few new combat features, such as the Combat Roll and Cover Move. Both moves pan out to a third-person perspective, with the roll giving players a quick dodging option. The Cover Move offers a sneaky way of ambushing other players by allowing players to hide behind walls, line up their sights and ambush the opposition as fast as possible.

Does the game have online capabilities?

It sure does. Players can battle it out in multiplayer matches over Xbox Live, with two modes of play available. Kill Count is your typical deathmatch-inspired gametype, allowing players to fully customise maps, weapons and game scenarios. The new contender is Dark Ops, an objective-based gametype splitting players up into teams while giving them a wealth of weaponry to select from before joining the match. Only a single life is available to each player, so teams will need to work together to survive. The Co-operative mode can also be played over Xbox Live.

How many players can play in a single match online?

Out of the box an impressive number of 32 players can join in a single multiplayer match.

Is there downloadable content available?

Rare will be releasing the game's first patch on the Xbox Live Marketplace and four new multplayer maps. You'll need a free Silver Membership to access Xbox Live and a reliable broadband internet connection.

Does the game feature co-op?

It wouldn't be Perfect Dark without it. The Co-op mode features the complete Story mode missions where players either work together or separately towards a common goal, such as covering one another through a complex arena. Apart from split-screen, Co-op can also be played through system-link and Xbox Live. Some of the Story mode missions will play differently when playing with a buddy.

Is the counter-op mode in the game?

Unfortunately it isn't.

Are there player-controlled vehicles in the game?

Two drivable vehicles are available, including a Jetpac and Hovercraft. The Jetpac gives single players aerial flight and combat, while the Hovercraft will primarily serve for ground combat and transport.

How do you drive a vehicle?

Read this scan from the PDZ manual to find out more.

Does the game need the Xbox 360 HDD?

You won't need the hard drive to play the game out of the box, although it will come in handy for saving games and downloading Xbox Live content.

Does the game take place entirely on Earth, or are there extra-terrestrials involved?

The game does occur well after Daniel Carrington made first contact with the Maians, but the story deals with another issue not directly related with the Maians or Skedar.

Who composed the musical score for the game?

Dave Clynick - known for his work in other Rare games including the cinematic music from the original Perfect Dark - composed the game's soundtrack. Read more about his background at the PDZ Soundtrack website.

Is it true PDZ's been in development for five years?

In one way or another, it seems like an eternity since the original game's debut on the N64. Soon after completing PD Rare set out into the very early stages of the sequel, and it wasn't till 2001 when the name Perfect Dark Zero was first made public on Nintendo's website. Since then the process of switching to the Xbox took so long, PDZ's development dropped so far under the radar it was quickly forgotten by the gaming media. Finally surfacing as a launch title for the Xbox 360, the long wait was at last over.