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Perfect Dark Zero made its public debut at E3 2005, and along with the first screens came a preview of a six-issue comic series inspired by the game. Written by Eric Trautmann, with artwork by the famed Cold Fuzion Studios and published by Prima Games, "Welcome to the War" gave readers a sneek peek of Joanna's adventures beyond the game's events. Set around six months down the track of 2020's busy year, Janus' Tears brings Joanna's fight against dataDyne to vibrant life with the launch of its first issue in August 2006. Read on for a round of preview scans from the series, and check out Eric's blog for the latest from the man himself.

Janus' Tears synopsis

From Prima Games:

"Joanna Dark, a bounty hunter-turned-corporate superagent of the mysterious Carrington Institute, is a footsoldier in a new kind of war. Powerful business entities, called "hypercorporations," are locked in a covert struggle for global dominance with the average man on the street none the wiser. The Carrington Institute may just be the only thing that stands between the sinister dataDyne Corporation, and total domination.

Dedicated to the destruction of dataDyne, Joanna has brought her deadly skills to bear in countless battles with the Institute's enemies, wherever they may be found. Now she brings the fight to the mean streets of Los Angeles. Her employer, Daniel Carrington, has tasked her with a dangerous undercover mission in L.A., - a hunt for a turncoat within the Institute's own ranks, a double-agent that is selling them out to dataDyne.

But not everything is what it seems, as Joanna is suddenly locked in a high-stakes conflict with a lethal, secretive mercenary unit, treacherous double-agents, and her own fears and doubts. And throughout the fight, the mysterious traitor may just have Joanna dead to rights..."

Release information

Each issue is priced at $3.50 US / $4.99 Canadian
Issue release timeline (according to Prima) is:

Want to know more? Be sure to read our interview with Eric Trautmann about the background and aspirations of the comic series.

Cover gallery

Previews from Issue #1

"Welcome to the War" E3 comic

This Perfect Dark Zero comic was originally available as a freebie giveaway at the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.