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Read about official soundtracks produced for the Perfect Dark games here.

Perfect Dark Zero Original Soundtrack

Produced by Nile Rodgers and Sumthing Distributions, the Perfect Dark Zero Original Soundtrack features a selection of the game's music composed by in-house Rare maestro Dave Clynick. Also featured in the mix are two songs by Morrison Poe (used in the game's intro cutscene and credits) and a single track from Kepi and Kat (used as the nightclub theme).

Read more about the soundtrack itself at the official Perfect Dark Zero Soundtrack website. Several tracks from the game missed the cut possibly due to unavailability at the time of publishing (the soundtrack did release alongside the game in November 2005), check out our Music section for a selection of mp3 tracks not included on the CD.

Any good music store should have the soundtrack readily available, you can even download individual tracks from Apple's iTunes service from most locations around the globe. See below for a complete track listing of what you'll find on the CD.

Perfect Dark Original Soundtrack

A two-CD soundtrack set was produced in 2000 for the original Nintendo 64 game, published by Nintendo of America, but isn't readily available to the public anymore. With music by legendary composer Grant Kirkhope, the soundtrack featured tracks spanning the entire game. If you can't track down a copy of the soundtrack, head to our Music section for a selection of the game's music in mp3 format.