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Cheese locations

Hidden within every level of the game is a small piece of yellow cheese. Rare probably put them there for players to find and once located you would receive a new cheat, but the time requirements in the solo missions offers a much greater and more rewarding challenge for gaining each cheat. They left the cheese in the game just for nostalgic purposes, this guide will help you find each one. Remember that you can't pick up any of the cheese, they're just there for looks only.

Carrington Institute
There is a piece of cheese hidden in the Carrington Institute, but you'll need access to the Slayer in the firing range before you can find it. First, go down to the hangar and take the crate up to the door of the firing range. Block the door with the crate so that it stays open, then go up to the transparent door to the firing range.

Open the door, back into the room slowly and stand in the doorway so that the door won't close. Press start and you should get the weapons list, if you don't, edge back until you do. Select the Slayer on bronze and switch to Fly-By-Wire Rocket.

Fire and hold A to slow the rocket down, then direct it out of the firing range and down to the outside hangar where the hoverbike is. Direct it high up towards the outside wall of the Institute (the wall with windows), then dive it down and you should see the cheese lying up on an outcropping which is normally hidden from view.
CI Cheese

dataDyne Central - Defection
dD Cheese To find this one you'll need an explosive weapon (accessed by a cheat). Go into Cassandra's office and then facing her desk, go to the right corner and face away from the window. Fire an explosive at the wall directly in front of you and it should explode, revealing a hidden room. Go inside to find the cheese on a window sill. You can also climb up the ladder and blow a hole in the wall to reveal a short-cut up to the area where you place the ECM Mine.

dataDyne Research - Investigation
In the room with the lab technician who sets off the alarm, walk up to the small alcove surrounded by the four computer terminals and look down at the floor. You'll notice a group of pipes below a transparent floor, use a weapon that can zoom in (Sniper Rifle), and look around below. You should spot the cheese easily. dD Cheese

dataDyne Central - Extraction
dD Cheese This one is the same as Defection, but you'll need to get to the first elevator without taking damage. Once you reach the higher floors, go around the corner of the next elevator and there should be a guard standing there. Shoot him and pick up Cassandra's office key card. You can then enter her office and use the grenade on her desk to access the small room.

Carrington Villa - Hostage One
Down below in the cellars just before the room in which Carrington is being held, the cheese is up on top of one of the shelves. In the first room there are two shelves, continue past them into the narrow hallway. Walk past the shelf in the corner and then look up at the second one. You will just be able to see the edge of the cheese at the top. If you have the FarSight or X-Ray Scan you can easily make out the shape of it. Villa Cheese

Chicago - Stealth
Chicago Cheese This one is well-hidden. On the road where the black limo is parked, there is a door behind it leading down to the Punk-Pond bar. Go down there and you'll find that the brown door loading inside is locked. Try to disarm some of the guards or fire around to make a lot of noise and a guard inside should open the door for you. Once you're inside, go left and enter the bathroom area. Go up to the toilet on the left and look inside it to find the cheese.

G5 Building - Reconnaissance
When you're in the room with all the laser switches, go in the door next to the alarm and head down to the damping field generator. You'll notice a grating on one of the walls that you can see through. Go to the far left of the grate and look in to the right, you should just be able to see the cheese sitting inside the grate. G5 Cheese

Area 51 - Infiltration
A51 Cheese For all three Area 51 missions, the cheese is in the exact same place, but in Infiltration you'll need the FarSight to see it. Down in the large hangar where you climb across the beam to gain access to the showers, Use the Sniper Rifle or any other weapon with zooming capabilities and just before dropping down into the showers, zoom right in to the end of the duct. You should see the cheese lying right at the back of the duct.

Area 51 - Rescue
Same as above. A51 Cheese

Area 51 - Escape
A51 Cheese Same as above.

Air Base - Espionage
You'll need the Sniper Rifle to find this one. Go over to the area where the air shuttle carrying the stewardess was, stand in line with the long cable and zoom in down the cliff on the left. Right down in the corner of the cliff you should just be able to see the cheese. Air Base Cheese

Air Force One - Antiterrorism
AFO Cheese Down below in the cargo area of the ship, go to the room which has the escape pod in it. Just before the door leading to the small room with the pod, you should see a group of large pipe-like structures. Look down between them to see the cheese sitting just between them.

Crash Site - Confrontation
Go to the downed Air Force One and take out the Sniper Rifle. While facing the cockpit, stand to the right of it and zoom in on the small section of the wrecked wing. On the far right of the wing the cheese is hidden well behind it, but after moving around slightly you should be able to eventually see it. Crash Site Cheese

Pelagic II - Exploration
Pelagic II Cheese Go up to the door leading into the room that has the primary power generator. Look down on the grate to the right of the door and you should see the cheese just below you.

Deep Sea - Nullify Threat
You'll need the Sniper Rifle to see this one. Just after leaving the large room at the start of the mission, look out through the large window on the left. Zoom in and you should see the cheese sitting out on the ocean floor. Deep Sea Cheese

Carrington Institute - Defense
CI Cheese Same location as Carrington Institute, but the main door will be broken down, so you can walk out onto the balcony and use the Sniper Rifle to see it.

Attack Ship - Covert Assault
Once you get access to the large hangar near the start of this mission, go up to the two large elevators at the rear of the room and while facing them, go into the room on the right. Look down through the small transparent section on the floor to see the cheese down below. Attack Ship Cheese

Skedar Ruins - Battle Shrine
Skedar Ruins Cheese After going across the ravine just before the area where you blow open the wall, go right to the area with a Skedar standing over a shield. Walk up to the wall with the large crack and stand on the right. Look down through the crack to see the cheese.

Mr Blonde's Revenge
Same location as dataDyne Central - Defection/Extraction. dD Cheese

Maian SOS
A51 Cheese Same location as Area 51 missions.

Same location as Skedar Ruins - Battle Shrine. Skedar Ruins Cheese

The Duel
The Duel Cheese Same location as Carrington Institute, but you'll need the FarSight to see it.