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Perfect Dark Nintendo 64 FAQ

Why aren't the Solo Missions available in the menu?

Most of Perfect Dark - including the Solo Missions - can't be accessed without first installing an Expansion Pak in your N64.

Why has my PD cart lost all its saved data?

Older carts would save their data directly into on-board memory without the need of a separate memory card. Sometimes over time carts can be known to lose their saved data, the cause could range from dirty connectors in either the cart or the console, or if the cart is physically damaged.

Why do I need an Expansion Pak?

Only roughly 30% of the game can be accessed without the Expansion Pak, so you'll need one hooked up to access the full game. Check this chart for an idea of what can and can't be accessed without it.

What are the game's default controls?

See this scan from the game's original manual to learn the control layout.

How can I make my character run faster?

An old trick from Goldeneye, if you tilt the control stick diagonally while strafing left or right your character will actually run faster with a quick sidestep movement.

Are there any vehicles in the game?

The only pilotable vehicle is the Hoverbike, which is mostly for faster transit through open areas. Double-tap B to enter it and zip about as you would normally on foot. Pressing B once while standing aside it will latch your character onto it, walk around and you'll push it around with you. Weapons can still be fired while driving around.

Can weapons be dual-wielded?

Any weapon Joanna uses one-handed can be dual-wielded. This only works for weapons picked up off the ground giving you the message: "Picked up a second [weapon name]". When holding the single weapon, hit A once to break out the second.

How does the Quick Menu work?

The Quick Menu saves you tedious weapon-switching via the Start menu. Summon it on-screen by holding down A, then use the control stick to select any weapon or item visible.

How do I complete [insert mission]?

Take a look through the Mission Guides for any troubles you're having.

What difficulty settings are there for the single player game?

Agent (Easy), Special Agent (Medium) and Perfect Agent (Hard). Each one introduces more objectives, tougher enemies and weaker health for a more challenging experience. Unlock the Perfect Dark setting by conquering Perfect Agent, your reward is the ability to change enemy accuracy, health and damage.

Can I watch unlocked cutscenes anytime I want?

Watch your favourite cutscenes by accessing them in the Video menu from the game's main menu, once you've unlocked each one in the Solo Missions.

Are there any cheats to unlock?

Perfect Dark has a banquet of cheats to feast on, and just like in Goldeneye you'll need to finish specific missions within set time limits to unlock each cheat.

Can you unlock cheats with push-button codes?

A myth long put to rest many a time by Rare, push-button codes may have worked in Goldeneye, but they don't exist in Perfect Dark.

What kind of strategies can I use to unlock cheats?

Peruse through our Cheat Guides for cheat requirements and ideas for effective speed runs.

What kind of bots are available in the Combat Simulator?

Bots range from mindless drones (aka MeatSims) to elite marksmans and pros at their game (DarkSims). Read more in the Simulant Information page.

What are the statistical requirements to reach Perfect:1?

Check the Combat Rankings page for a complete list of requirements and tricks to reach this ultimate rank.

How do I give commands to bots on my team?

Buried away in the Quick Menu you'll find commands to issue your squad-mates. Hold A to draw out the Quick Menu, then while holding down A press Z to bring up a menu of commands. Press L or R to switch between giving commands to a single simulant or your entire team, then select a command as you would an item or weapon from your inventory.