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Cheat Guides

This section contains the list of all the various cheats that you can unlock in the game by completing certain missions and some within a time limit. Most of the cheats are self-explanatory, the more difficult ones are described at the bottom of the page. The cheats that require a time limit are highlighted, click on them to view tips on how to complete the mission within the time limit. Some cheats can be obtained if you have both the N64 and Game Boy versions of PD and a transfer pak.


Cheat: Mission: Difficulty: Time:
DK Mode Chicago - Stealth Any Complete
Small Jo G5 Building - Reconnaissance Any Complete
Small Characters Area 51 - Infiltration Any Complete
Team Heads Only Air Base - Espionage Any Complete
Play as Elvis Area 51 - Rescue PA 7:59
Slo-Mo Single Player dataDyne Research - Investigation Any Complete


Cheat: Mission: Difficulty: Time:
Invincible Area 51 - Escape A 3:50
Cloaking Device G5 Building - Reconnaissance A 1:40
Marquis of Queensbury Rules dataDyne Central - Defection SA 1:30
Jo Shield Deep Sea - Nullify Threat Any Complete
Super Shield Carrington Institute - Defense A 1:45
Enemy Shields Carrington Institute - Defense Any Complete
Enemy Rockets Pelagic II - Exploration Any Complete
Perfect Darkness Crash Site - Confrontation Any Complete

Weapons for Jo in Solo

Cheat: Mission: Difficulty: Time:
Rocket Launcher dataDyne Central - Extraction Any Complete
Sniper Rifle Carrington Villa - Hostage One Any Complete
SuperDragon Area 51 - Escape Any Complete
Laptop Gun Air Force One - Antiterriorism Any Complete
Phoenix Attack Ship - Covert Assault Any Complete
Psychosis Gun Chicago - Stealth PA 2:00
Trent's Magnum Crash Site - Confrontation A 2:50
FarSight Deep Sea - Nullify Threat PA 7:27

Classic Weapons for Jo in Solo

Cheat: Mission: Difficulty: Time:
PP9i Carrington Institute Firing Range Gold Complete
CC13 Carrington Institute Firing Range Gold Complete
KLO1313 Carrington Institute Firing Range Gold Complete
KF7 Special Carrington Institute Firing Range Gold Complete
ZZT (9mm) Carrington Institute Firing Range Gold Complete
DMC Carrington Institute Firing Range Gold Complete
AR53 Carrington Institute Firing Range Gold Complete
RC-P45 Carrington Institute Firing Range Gold Complete


Cheat: Mission: Difficulty: Time:
Classic Sight dataDyne Central - Defection Any Complete
Unlimited Ammo - Laptop Sentry Gun Air Force One - Antiterrorism PA 3:55
Hurricane Fists dataDyne Central - Extraction A 2:03
Unlimited Ammo Pelagic II - Exploration SA 7:07
Unlimited Ammo - No Reloads Air Base - Espionage SA 3:11
X-Ray Scanner Area 51 - Rescue Any Complete
R-Tracker/Weapons Cache Location Skedar Ruins - Battle Shrine Any Complete
All Guns in Solo Skedar Ruins - Battle Shrine PA 5:31


Cheat: Mission: Difficulty: Time:
Velvet Dark N/A Available by Default N/A
Pugilist dataDyne Research - Investigation PA 6:30
Hotshot Area 51 - Infiltration SA 5:00
Hit and Run Carrington Villa - Hostage One SA 2:30
Alien Attack Ship - Covert Assault SA 5:17

Game Boy Cheats

If you have Perfect Dark for both N64 and Game Boy and a transfer pak, you can access the following four cheats. Insert the Game Boy version into the transfer pak and then insert the transfer pak into Controller 1 on the N64. Turn the system on and play at least one mission to activate the four cheats.
  • All Guns in Solo
  • Cloaking Device
  • Hurricane Fists
  • R-Tracker/Weapons Cache Location

Cheat Descriptions

Marquis of Queensbury Rules
This cheat will cause the enemies to not use their weapons, they'll just try to fist it out with you. One punch will knock them down. You can still use your own weapons, though.
Perfect Darkness
This will take away all the lighting in every mission, leaving the entire level pitch black. You will have Night Vision so that you can still navigate your way around, and you'll be able to sneak up on any enemy.
R-Tracker/Weapon Cache Location
This gives you an R-Tracker which will display on the radar where the hidden weapons are in each mission.