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Combat Rankings

One of the best features of the Combat Simulator is that it allows you to record several statistics gained from each game you play in. Every time you play a game, your statistics will rise accoridng to how many kills you make, if you play well enough to receive an medal, the distance you ran, and so on. You'll also have an overall title for your player which describes how high your statistics are, the better the rank, the higher your statistics.

Each statistic must be at a certain level to reach the next rank, SubDrag of the former dataDyne HQ site managed to discover that it is a system of points, and each time a certain statistic reaches a higher point your rank increases. Making it to Perfect:1 is the ultimate goal, but it takes a lot of time and patience to get there. Read on for the list of ranks, the requirements for the top rank, and some handy hints on how to get there.

Combat Ranks

21: Beginner 14: Star Agent 7: Killer
20: Trainee 13: Special Agent 6: Assassin
19: Amateur 12: Expert 5: Lethal
18: Rookie 11: Veteran 4: Elite
17: Novice 10: Professional 3: Invincible
16: Trooper 9: Dangerous 2: Near Perfect
15: Agent 8: Deadly 1: Perfect

Statistics Required for Perfect:1

Kills Damage Dealt Ammo Used Distance Time
18,000 90,000 (90K) 450,000 (450K) 9000 KM 12:12:00
(12.5 Days)
Games Won Accuracy Medals Head Shot Medals Killmaster Medals Survivor Medals
900 900 900 900 900

Statistics Raising Strategies

Raising Kills + Damage Dealt
This is a very cheating method, but it'll cause your damage dealt and kills count to shoot through the roof. First, set the options to those listed below:

-Arena: Felicity
-Scenario: Capture the Case
-Simulants: Maximum, any difficulty
-Weapons: All Remote Mines
-Teams: Player: Red, Sims: Yellow
-Limits: None

You'll have to make sure that the sim's case is up in the bathroom area, if it isn't keep restarting until it is. Pick up as many Remote Mines as you can carry and head over to the stairs leading up to the bathroom. If any simulants throw mines at you they won't detonate them so you'll be fine. Throw a heap of mines into the small room connecting the bathroom to the staircase, then begin blowing up the simulants.

Once you kill a few, keep throwing mines into the small room to keep the explosions going. The simulants will keep re-spawning in this room and will be caught in the explosions. Find any remaining simulants in the level and blow them down, once all eight are re-spawning in the room, the explosions will become locked in an infinite loop and won't stop. All the simulants will keep getting killed before they can escape the room, stand back and watch your kills soar! Damage dealt will also slowly rise, but this method is a dead-on cheat and you'll probably come out with about 60,000 kills before damage dealt reaches 90K.

Raising Distance + Time
Not as much a cheating method as the above one, you'll notice that the Time and Distance requirements are ungodly high. Use this trick to get them easily:

-Arena: Temple (or any with large open areas)
-Scenario: Combat
-Fast movement active
-Simulants: None
-Weapons: None (not needed)
-Limits: None

If you're using the Temple arena, head down to the large open area where the pillars are. Stand near the center of the room and hold the control stick on an angle so that your character runs around in circles. While holding the stick at an angle, press L + R + Start together to lock the neutral position to the angled position. Release the stick and your character will continue to run around in circles.

Make sure they don't run into any pillars, by using this trick and leaving the game on overnight or for 10 hours a day, you should be able to reach the requirements fairly quickly, and fast movement will cause you to run at a faster rate which helps greatly.

Raising Medals
This is another cheating method, this will give you all four medals without much effort in each game played:

-Arena: Any
-Scenario: Combat
-Simulants: None
-Weapons: Any (include the LX)
-Limits: Score - 1

Have your player loaded as well as a dummy second player (not someone else's player file). Find an LX, go up to the second player and shoot them in the head. With a limit of 1 the game will end and you'll get all four medals! This is a very cheating way to get them, only do this if you don't want to put much effort into reaching the top rank.