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Simulant Information

There are six normal simulants a player can battle against, as well as many special simulants which have a twist on their personalities. The simulants range from very unintelligent to almost unbeatable. You will have to face the range of simulants in each challenge, and as the challenges increase, you will battle against more intelligent opponents. Listed here are the various simulants available to be used as opponents or team-mates, each one with their own description.

Standard Simulants

MeatSims are the easiest and therefore least intelligent of all the sims. This sim is the perfect choice for a beginner, as it's movement is slow and it has extremely poor accuracy. Take your time with these sims and use them for practice.

This simulant has basic skills, movement and accuracy, and it also is the first sim which uses the Disarm attack. Not very skilled, be careful though as they should not be underestimated. Use this sim for a casual and fun battle.

NormalSims have the skill of the average player. These guys have much more skill than easy and meat sims, use these sims if you want to have a moderate challenge and a battle where you won't be guaranteed a win - just for something different.

HardSims are just that - hard. They move around fairly quickly and have higher accuracy. They can easily pick you off from a distance, and they also tend to run backwards while somehow managing to fire at you. Use these guys only for a real challenge, using one is fun, but if there's a group of them, look out.

PerfectSims are the ultimate opponents, they move around at a high speed and can accuractely hit you even while running backwards away from you. Use these guys only if you're an expert at controlling your character, it also helps to know your way arond each arena and where all the weapon placement areas are. These sims can really help you refine your combat skills, if you use them for a while, (be prepared to get beaten often) you should find fighting against the lower sims will be much easier.

DarkSims are practically unbeatable - only use them if you expect to get beaten, big time. These guys are not human but robots, allowing them to race around a map at high speeds, they can also climb ladders a heck of a lot faster than any other sim. They have almost perfect accuracy, and can see you a mile away. This sim is only here for the most daring players, they do appear in three of the challenges, but apart from that, most players probably won't want to bother using them, as they are very frustrating. It is fun though to have one on your team, if you have one with you, don't bother fighting anyone else, just order the DarkSim to protect you and you'll probably never have to press fire.

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Special Simulants

PeaceSims protest the use of weapons and will only try to disarm you if you come too close. They will often run away from you, and will go around the arena grabbing as many weapons and ammo before you can get to them. The advantage is that if you blast them they will usually drop a whole heap of weapons for you. They won't put up much of a fight at all.

ShieldSims will always want to have full shield protection. If they lose even the smallest bit of energy from their shield, they will run off to find a new one, but if you chase them they'll run backwards and fire at you. If there are no shields in the arena, they'll start out with one, but they can't find a new one once it takes damage.

This sim prefers to use any type of explosive weapon, it's obsessed with blowing things up - even if it means blowing itself away in the process. It will also use other weapons, but its priority is explosives. Try to use explosive weapons on it as if you can fire at a sim just as it releases a grenade or rocket, the weapon will explode in their face. The RocketSim will also tend to walk straight through explosions, I guess it thinks it can somehow survive them, but it usually doesn't.

A KazeSim will ruthlessly hunt down a chosen target and will stop at nothing until the target is defeated. It will aggressively attack you and will tend to fire explosives even if it is near you. Be careful, this sim is not afraid to blow itself away.

FistSims will try to punch you and disarm you repeatedly. They won't use any other weapons, but if they get near you, they'll rip into you and circle around you to deliver some nasty blows. Your vision will get really blurry if you let one get close, try to blast it while running backwards to dodge it's fists.

PreySims will only attack players who have low health, have just re-spawned or are using an inferior weapon. They will hunt weaker players and ignore stronger players such as ones who have shields. This weakness opens the sim for attack from the stronger players.

CowardSims will tend to just run away from you. They'll fire at you while running backwards if you chase them, so be careful. Try to stay alert though, as they will often try to attack you from behind or if you have an inferior weapon.

The JudgeSim will do the opposite to what the PreySim does, it will attck the winning player. This sim will stop at nothing to take the lead for itself, but if it is in the lead, it'll attack anyone to stay that way. Be careful if you're on top.

The FeudSim will pick a target at the start of the game and will ruthlessly attack them for the rest of the game, even if they're taken down a few times. They will also fire on other players, they will just mainly concentrate on one. If you're the target, get ready to run, otherwise try to concentrate on other players or sims.

SpeedSims will move around much faster than human players and can easily outrun you if you don't know your way around. They will often rely on shields to protect them, their speed is only a way to get away from you quickly. If you stop moving while chasing one, it'l tend to stop as well, giving you an easy shot while they're motionless.

TurtleSims have a prototype shield generator which is twice the power of a normal shield, making these guys difficult to take down. Their disadvantage is that the shield slows their speed, making them easier to hit. They can often survive a direct hit from an explosive weapon, so constant fire is usually the best way to beat them. Be careful though, as they aren't stupid and will fire back at you with relative accuracy.

A VengeSim will always attack the last player who took him down. It will only attack one player at a time, but if another player beats it before it can take down the other player, it will go after the new player, so be careful.