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Perfect Dark
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Mission Guides

With a total of 21 playable missions, Perfect Dark is one game you won't get tired of quickly. Each mission has three difficulty levels, the easiest being Agent, medium is Special Agent and the hardest is Perfect Agent. New objectives will be added in each setting, and you won't be able to play the harder settings until you beat the one below it.

You can also team up with another player and play the Co-operative setting in any of the solo missions (except The Duel). You'll need all the skill and strategy to master the Perfect Agent setting, but once you beat all the missions on PA, you'll gain access to the Perfect Dark setting, which allows you to edit the enemy's health, accuracy and damage. Below is a complete listing of all the missions, with detailed guides on how to beat each one just a click away.

Mission Select

· dataDyne Central - Defection · Crash Site - Confrontation
· dataDyne Research - Investigation · Pelagic II - Exploration
· dataDyne Central - Extraction · Deep Sea - Nullify Threat
· Carrington Villa - Hostage One · Carrington Institute - Defense
· Chicago - Stealth · Attack Ship - Covert Assault
· G5 Building - Reconnaissance · Skedar Ruins - Battle Shrine
· Area 51 - Infiltration · Mr Blonde's Revenge +
· Area 51 - Rescue · Maian SOS ++
· Area 51 - Escape · WAR! +++
· Air Base - Espionage · The Duel ++++
· Air Force One - Antiterrorism  

+ Complete dataDyne Defection to Skedar Ruins on Agent to unlock.
++ Complete dataDyne Defection to Skedar Ruins on Special Agent to unlock.
+++ Complete dataDyne Defection to Skedar Ruins on Perfect Agent to unlock.
++++ Complete all Carrington Institute Training scenarios to unlock.