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Gadgets and Vehicles

Strange and handy devices make up an agent's inventory. Unusual furturistic devices will help players to complete mission objectives successfully. Most of the devices listed below have unique designs, with some based on real-life technology. The various vehicles found in the game all have one thing in common - they utilize some sort of anti-gravity unit to allow them to hover in the air. Found below are detailed descriptions of all the devices and vehicles.


Data Uplink
The Data Uplink provides an electronic link from field missions back to the CI's hackers, who can tap into just about any security codes to unlock doors to secure areas, or download secret files from a terminal. To use it, stand next to a terminal or the object and press B while holding the uplink. Face and stay near the object to avoid having the connection severed. Data Uplink

ECM Mine
ECM Mine This device emits a constantly changing signal which can jam any electronic communications device for some time, effective for disrupting security systems. It must be placed directly on the object or terminal to take effect. Use the aiming function to accurately aim the mine, then press Z to throw it.

A tiny remote camera designed for stealth recording and movement. Uses highly advanced spectroscopic holography and can send recorded images or video straight back to the CI's headquarters for file recording. It has a minature AG unit built in so it can hover above the ground, and can also emit a human-sized pulse of heat to open electronic doors. Raise and lower the camera with C up and down, and press Z to take a photo. Hold R to look around the device. Two other variations of the CamSpy are available, the DrugSpy, which replaces the camera with a sedate dart launcher, and the BombSpy, which has a built-in explosive device. CamSpy

Night Vision
Night Vision The Night Vision will allow you to be able to see in visually dark areas. Moving life forms and items will be highlighted to be easily viewed. The Night Vision will overload in brightly-lit areas, it will completely cause the screen to go white, and you won't be able to see anything, so only use it in dark areas. Select it from one of the menus to activate it, reselect it to deactivate.

Door Decoder
This is an independant code-breaking device. Once attached to a console it will sort through the millions of possbile code combinations until it manages to break the lock. The downfall is that for the more advanced locks, it may take some time to break through. Stand next to the console and press B while holding the decoder to attach it to the console. Door Decoder

R-Tracker This device will locate a particaular object on the HUD radar map. Once activated, it will display a radar in the top right corner of the screen, your position will be in the center of the circle, and the object will be shown as well, giving its relative bearing and distance.

IR Scanner
This scanner transduces thermal data into visible images for the user to interpret. It can also be used in dark areas to reveal objects and also detects unusual structures such as weak walls and hidden doors. This will also highlight any life forms or special objects, and will reveal their location even if they are wearing a cloaking device by detecing their body heat. Select from inventory to activate, reselect to deactivate it. IR Scanner

X-Ray Scanner
X-Ray Scanner This can be used to look through solid walls and objects. It can reveal the location of guards without having your cover blown. Do not use it in a combat situation, though, as you won't be able to see objects a few feet in fornt of you. Select to activate, reselect to deactivate.

Sneak right under the noses of guards within enemy installations without alerting suspicion with various disguises. Remember, don't draw any weapons for the enemy to see otherwise you'll blow your cover and alert enemies. To wear it, just select it from your inventory. Disguise

Cloaking Device
Cloaking Device This Skedar-based device disrupts the visible spectrum of light around the user, causing them to become almost completely invisible. Be careful though, as the field will disengage when you fire a weapon, and will take a few seconds to re-activate. Select it to cloak, reselect to reappear.

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This highly maneuverable fast craft was designed for use in urban areas. Used primarily for the successful deployment of agents to field missions, this ship can be computer controlled or manually piloted, being exceptionally effective when in the hands of a skilled pilot. It can carry from three to four agents including heavy equipment. It is the CI's craft of choice for agent deployment. Jumpship

HoverCrate This gravity-defying unit allows heavy crates to hover above the ground to be easily directed around by warehouse workers. The unit is attached to the side of the crate. Press B once while standing next to one to grab it, press B again to release.

A low altitude patrol bike, it utilizes a small AG unit to hover above the ground, and a small powerful turbine engine for thrust and directional control. Double tap B while standing next to one to board it, double tap B a second time to jump off. HoverBike

Cleaning Hovbot
Cleaning Hovbot This device is mainly used by large corporations to keep areas clean and tidy. They are harmless and will move around the floor while attending to their tasks. It's a good idea to leave them alone, as they often will allow you to gain access through secure doors not normally accessible.

A patrol ship used in urban areas, this craft is a two-pilot ship and is armed with a heavy Vulcan cannon, as well as two wing-mounted dumbfire missile launchers. It is possible to destroy it with heavy firepower, but its real weakness is a well aimed rocket. Hovercopter

G5 Robot
G5 Robot An intelligent combat droid designed for urban warfare, this uses an AG unit to hover and is armed with two mini-Vulcan cannons. Some models have built-in shield systems, making them almost invincible to gunfire. They are often used to keep out unwanted visitors, and will shoot at any enemy target, it doesn't know how to take prisoners.

A51 Interceptor
A remote or computer controlled version of the HoverBike, this model has a more powerful AG unit allowing it to fly around several meters off the ground. With its powerful turbine engine, it can easily reach Mach 2 speeds. A heavily armed guardbot, it can easily take out any ship in the air, but it lacks defensive armor and shielding. A51 Interceptor

Maian Vessel
Maian Vessel A single piloted Maian scout and patrol vessel, it is effective in providing escort and defense for important Maian ambassadors, and is also used for long distance interstellar travel. As it is only designed for one Maian, a human would find it quite cramped in the cockpit.

Skedar Shuttle
A heavily armed and shielded Skedar attack ship, this craft can carry up to ten fully armed Skedar into battle. It can also cloak itself from most radar systems, giving them the element of surpise against the enemy. The ship also has a powerful radio jamming device, it can send out a large electromagnetic pulse that disables any communication and detection equipment nearby. Skedar Shuttle