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Complete dataDyne Defection to Skedar Ruins on Perfect Agent to unlock this mission.

You're gonna be in for a tough fight
You'll have a bunch of Maian allies to help out in a fight.
Brave the corridors ahead of your buddies
Rush ahead and clear out any attacking Skedar with Explosive Shells.
Nail Skedar in the face with Explosive Shells
They'll come around the corners fast, don't get hit.
You'll be thanking the mission designers for giving you a Phoenix
Stay well back from the Skedar as it's instant death if they whack you.
Things get tricky when your buddies catch up
Don't use Explosive Shells around your buddies or they'll fall.
Don't shoot your buddies by accident, it won't go well on your record
Things will get tricky as you close in on the Skedar King.
The enemies will keep spawning around here
Push forward in this area as they won't stop coming.
Watch that gap between the generator and the wall
Keep the back of the generator in view as you engage the King to stop the Skedar pouring out.
Not your regular door-man
With the first King dead move on to the Inner Sanctum.


1. Kill Skedar King 1

Not much of a reward for beating the game fully on PA, but this mission can be very unfair and very annoying, Agent and Special Agent will be tough, but PA is the real killer. You're in the Skedar Ruins again playing as a Maian soldier, in the area where the second shield was in the Skedar Ruins mission. You'll have to get over to the power generator near the rotating pillar to find and kill the first king. Switch to explosive shells and head around the corner and over to the hole in the side of the Inner Sanctum wall. Head in and make your way over to the generator, the first Skedar you see will have Double Maulers but you'll only get one from them.

Pound any Skedar on the way with explosive shells and try to make sure your three Maian buddies don't get killed, if they catch up to you, switch to the Mauler and use charged shots to avoid accidentally blasting your buddies with the explosive shells. Once you reach the door at the foot of the ramp, waste the Skedar coming through the door, head through the door and blast any more Skedar beyond it. Head around the corner and pound the group at the other end of the room with explosive shells, then quickly dash around the corner and zip over to the rotating pillar.

If you're too slow, an entire wing of Skedar will barf out from behind the pillar, try to get there first as no Skedar will appear if the spawn-point is in direct view. Using the Mauler's charged shot, very quickly zip around to the right side of the pillar and shoot the king in the head with a charged shot before he spots you to blast him and to complete the mission.

Special Agent

1. Kill Skedar King 1

Wow, one more king to kill. Fun. Head over to the power generator to kill the first king, just try to make sure that your Maian buddies survive the attack from the spawning Skedar, once at the pillar use the same tactics as in Agent to stop the hordes of Skedar appearing out from behind the pillar, sneak around it and blast the king in the head with a charged shot to complete objective 1.

2. Kill Skedar King 2

Keep the Mauler out from now on. Some Skedar might have appeared behind you near the pillar, you're buddies will be firing at them but make sure you finish off any remaining Skedar before leaving, and remember, once a king is dead the spawn points nearby shut down. Head back around to the ramp and go up to the door at the top. Open the door and go across the bridge. Blast Skedar that get in the way and move on into the Inner Sanctum. Wait for your buddies (you should hopefully still have three), then head through to the secret army room, while moving through the two doors more Skedar will pour through, stand back and fire at them (make sure you don't hit your buddies), wait for a gap in the mess, then head through.

The king will be behind the large pillar near the door leading to the shrine room. Blast the spawning Skedar (they appear to the left of the door you come through), then head around the pillar and try to pop the king in the head, he'll have a Slayer which fires unnaturally fast rockets (???), he might not see you at first so pound him until he drops. One fully charged Mauler shot to the head should put him down for good to complete the mission.

Perfect Agent

1. Kill Skedar King 1

This mission will be incredibly hard to beat, but it is possible if you use some feisty tactics. The first king will probably be the toughest to take down, head over to the generator room and pound Skedar on the way with explosive shells, just try not to get hit and do not lose any of your Maian buddies, remember to use the Mauler for closer combat. Once at the ramp, head through the door and blast the Skedar there with charged shots. Go around the corner, take out the Phoenix and blast the Skedar at the end of the room with explosive shells. Once they're gone, quickly switch back to the Mauler, zip around the corner and fly over to the pillar before Skedar pour out from behind it, then sneak around the pillar and pop the king in the head, hopefully before he spots you, to complete objective 1.

2. Kill Skedar King 2

Keep the Mauler out and finish off any Skedar that have appeared behind you, your Maian buddies might have already blasted them and be heading back to the ramp. Get ahead of the them and head up the ramp. Open the door, but be ready for a Skedar on the other side. Blast it and head across the bridge. Open the next door and blast any Skedar behind it. Wait for your buddies to catch up, then head over to the secret army room for the next king. Open the first door, then stand back and pelt away at the Skedar pouring through the second door, just make sure you don't hit your buddies. Once a gap appears in the onslaught, head into the room and around the large pillar. Raise your sights and pop the king in the head with a fully charged shot to bring him down, otherwise strafe around to avoid fire and keep blasting to knock him dead to complete objective 2.

3. Kill Skedar King 3

Turn around and help your buddies finish off the remaining Skedar by the door you came through, then open the next door near the second king's body. Wait for your buddies, more Skedar will come around the pillar in the next small room, keep blasting them, once a gap appears head around and quickly open the next door leading to the shrine room. Blast any Skedar in the way and try not to get slapped by them, it's instant death if you do. Once you're clear, dash into the room and begin firing away at the king ahead, he'll have a rocket launcher similar to the one the king in the Skedar Ruins mission had, so strafe around it to dodge the rockets and go for head shots with charged shots to put him down for good and to complete this damn hard mission.

The Kings like to fall on you when they go down
Here you'll find a Slayer-weilding Skedar King.
This final one has a group of cronies
The final King waits in the Battle Shrine room.
The Maians have their own dance routine
Finish all the Kings off and watch the Maians' jiggy dance.

Next Mission: The Duel

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