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dataDyne Central - Extraction

These sneaky guards have Night Vision too
Keep your eyes peeled for guards everywhere, they can see you.
Take care around corners
You'll need to detour round the front to get past these barricades.
Shoot the little white things
Try to hit the guards up the stairs from here.
The most unfriendly front desk assistants
Lights on! Keep an eye on the timer counting down.
These guys like knocking over tables
Make sure these guards don't shoot Dr. Caroll.
Don't let Dr. Caroll on the elevator for a laugh
Wait for Dr. Caroll then ride up this elevator.
Get ready for a long wait
The elevator will take a while, look up to see it coming.
These ladies ain't friendly
The rooms above are teeming with guards, even Cassandra's bodyguards.
Joanna's no fugitive!
Keep your eyes open for the hovercopter, stay out of its range.
This desk is surprisingly strong
Crouch down behind the desk while reactivating the elevator.
Watch out for these loiterers
Watch out for more guards hidden behind barricades.
Take a seat in the lounge
That wall panel ahead slides open automatically.


1. Access foyer elevator

You'll be in complete darkness, so use the quick menu or press Start and activate your Night Vision. Head through the first door and blast the guard waiting there. Go left and open the next door, quickly blast the guard hiding behind the desk before he fires. Go out and you'll be in the ground floor foyer. Blast the two guards hiding behind the barricade, then head around to the front of the building. Blast the guard behind the couch, then finish off the two guards hiding behind the front desk. Head around the corner to the stairs leading up to the elevators. Blast the two guards at the top of the stairs, then call and wait for the elevator on the left. Once it arrives, head in to finish objective 1.

2. Defeat Cassandra's bodyguards

Once you reach the upper floors, exit the elevator and call the other one down. Head in and go up to the next floor. Don't worry if Dr Caroll misses any of the elevators, he'll just wait for one and then continue to follow you. Once you're on the next floor up, a barricade will block your way to the other elevator, so you'll need to head around to the other side of the building. Head around the corner and go right. Blast the guards hiding behind the desk, then go through the double-doors on the left wall.

Head into the room and go left through the sliding panel. Head left again and get ready to fire at Cassandra's bodyguards, their shotguns aren't friendly. Keep going and you'll eventually reach the other elevator, call it up and head up to Cassandra's office floor. Once there, blast the guard standing next to the Rocket Launcher, just ignore the other two office workers. Head up to the roof level, and take out the Rocket Launcher.

Once you reach the large room leading up to the roof, you'll find that it's full of guards and Cassandra will be there. She'll taunt you and after she says "Goodnight Miss Dark," the lights will go out and the guards will start firing at you. Fire a rocket down towards the end of the room to blast the two guards there, then take out the CMP150, turn right and blast the guard standing in front of the light switch. If you can, activate the light switch and the guards will be temporarily blinded as they're wearing Night Vision goggles. Rush over to the ramp and blast the guard there, then head up and finish off the last one to complete objective 2.

3. Rendezvous at helipad

Head through the door and you'll be out on the roof. No more guards will harass you, so just walk up the ramps up to the helipad to complete the mission.

Special Agent

1. Access foyer elevator

This time you'll have a time limit before the lights come back on. Switch to Night Vision and head into the next room. Blast the guard, then head out to the foyer. Quickly shoot the two guards behind the barricade, then head around to the front desk. Blast the guards there and grab the two CMP150's behind the desk. Head around to the stairs and call the elevator on the left. Once it arrives, turn off the Night Vision, jump in and you'll have completed objective 1.

2. Destroy dataDyne Hovercopter

Once on the upper floors you'll be harassed by a dataDyne Hovercopter that'll keep firing at you from outside. You'll need to get up to Cassandra's office floor, grab the Rocket Launcher, then wait for it to appear at one of the windows. Wait for it to shoot out a window, then carefully aim at it and fire a rocket. You can also try using the seeking rocket, but a direct one will usually do. Once the rocket hits the copter it'll crash and burn.

3. Defeat Cassandra's bodyguards

You need to defeat all of Cassandra's bodyguards in the building. Apart from the five up in the roof level, several others are on the upper three floors. Once you reach the upper floors, start hunting around for them and make sure you don't miss any of them, otherwise you'll have to come back down from the roof. Once they're all gone, head up to the roof. Once there, don't bother waiting for Cassandra's little speech, take out a CMP150 and blast the guard to your right in front of the light switch. Once you do, the lights will go out, so quickly hit the switch to turn the lights back on to stun the other guards. Quickly blast the two near the comms hub, then blast the one at the bottom of the ramp. Head up the ramp and finish off the last one to complete objective 3.

4. Rendezvous at helipad

Head out to the roof and get up to the helipad to complete the mission. Don't worry if Dr Caroll is still lost somewhere in the building, he'll instantly appear at the helipad once the cutscene begins.

Perfect Agent

1. Access foyer elevator

The missions only get harder. First, activate the Night Vision and head out into the next room. Blast the first guard and grab his CMP150. You'll need to be quick to reach the elevator before the lights come back on, so practice aiming as you'll need to blast each guard quickly. Open the next door and blast the guard behind the table, then sneak around the corner and shoot the two guards behind the barricade. From here you should be able to hit the two guards up at the top of the stairs. Head around to the front desk and blast the guards there. Quickly zip around to the elevators and call one down. Head in and turn off the Night Vision to complete objective 1.

2. Reactivate office elevator

Once you reach the top floors, head out and go around the corner on the right. Blast the guard standing just around the corner and grab the key card he drops (he'll only be there if you get to the elevator earlier without the lights coming back on). Head back to the elevator and go back down to the foyer. Go over to the security room and open the door. Ignore the motionless guards and Mr Blonde, and grab the Rocket Launcher and ammo on the ground. Head back up to the upper floors. Once there, head around the corner again, then head down to the door at the end of the corridor. Head in and make your way around the floor.

Make sure that you blast any of Cassandra's bodyguards that appear, you'll need to clear them all out. Head around into the office near the locked door leading back to the elevators, and blast the guards in there. Walk up to the terminal on the desk and press B to re-activate the office elevators to complete objective 2.

3. Destroy dataDyne Hovercopter

By now the Hovercopter will most likely have appeared and has started blasting away at you. Take out the Rocket Launcher, stand near a shattered window and wait until the Hovercopter lines up with you. You could try a targeted rocket, but if you're accurate you can hit it with a normal rocket. Don't worry if you get hit, the vulcan cannon it uses isn't as bad as a CMP150's shot. Destroy it to complete objective 3.

4. Defeat Cassandra's bodyguards

Before heading further up, make sure that there aren't any of Cassandra's bodyguards left on this floor. Head back around to the elevators and take the left one up to the next floor. Head around the floor to the other elevator and finish off any guards lurking around. Once you reach the elevator, use it or the stairs to get up to Cassandra's office floor. Knock the guard down standing by the Rocket Launcher and ignore the two office secretaries.

Grab the Rocket Launcher for extra ammo and head up to the roof. Now for the hard part. Take out the Rocket Launcher and get ready for some fast action. Go up to the roof level where Cassandra is waiting, then aim over at the two guards by the comms hub. Fire at the wall between them to blast both guards, then press start and switch to the CMP150. The lights will go out at any second, quickly blast the guard standing just on your right, then quickly rush over to the light switch behind her and press B to turn the lights back on.

The remaining two guards will be stunned for a few seconds, use the lock-on function to easily blast the one at the base of the ramp and the other at the top. This will be the hardest part of this mission, if you give them any chance to fire at you, they'll basically hit you all at once, so you're almost guaranteed to go down in one shot. Once you've beaten them all, you'll have completed objective 4.

5. Rendezvous at helipad

Don't stop now, the goal's right in front of you. Head up the ramp and go out to the roof. Rush over to the ramp leading up to the helipad, no more guards will bother you so you're in the clear. Head out onto the helipad to complete the mission.

Try to get her between you and the Hovercopter
Watch out for the bodyguard's shotgun blasts.
These guys don't put up much of a fight
Sneak up on this trio and nick the Rocket Launcher.
That would hurt
Take aim when the copter shatters a few windows.
It's always good to be accurate
Score a direct hit or you're in for a pack of trouble.
Cassandra's ladies club
Cassandra has an entire group of bodyguards waiting for you.
Why does the target turn blue when over Cassandra?
Don't bother shooting, she has a shield active.
This little thing could save your life
When the lights go out quickly flip the switch to blind the bodyguards.
Dunno what Dr. Caroll's on, but I don't want some
Lead Dr. Caroll up to the helipad when the path's clear.
Dr. Caroll peeks out from behind his heroine
Joanna calmly addresses Cassandra.

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