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The Duel

Complete all Carrington Institute Training scenarios to unlock this mission.

Go ahead, make my day...
You'll start off back-to-back in true Wild Western style.
This guy is just a hologra
The dataDyne guard won't be too much trouble, but don't underestimate him.
Jonathan just can't bring himself to shoot Joanna
Jonathan will hide behind the wall partition, and he won't be able to shoot you.
Trent doesn't even move
Trent's deadly, your best chance is to hide behind the wall partition and snipe him from there.


1. Defeat dataDyne guard

This is neat mission, classic wild western style. You'll be in the VR training room of CI facing up against a dataDyne guard. You'll only be able to get hit once before going down, so you'll have to be fast. Once it begins, you'll walk away from each other to separate ends of the room, then you can have control. One way to beat the guard is to zip around, zoom in, wait for him to jump to one side (he always does), then blast him quickly to knock him down and complete the mission. Another way is to hide behind the wall partition and sneak out to blast him. Just make sure you don't get hit.

Special Agent

1. Defeat dataDyne guard

This time you'll have to face Jonathan as well as the guard. Zip around once you have control and blast the guard once he jumps to the side, or hide behind the wall and sneak out to finish him off. Once the guard's down objective 1 will be complete.

2. Defeat Jonathan Dark

Now you get to face Jonathan. He'll be using his Magnum, but something very, very strange will happen, he won't be able to hit you. That's right, just stand away from him and watch him fire, none of his shots will hit you at all! Once you walk away and gain control, if you zip around you'll notice that Jonathan's disappeared. He's behind the wall partition, go around to find him, just stay back or he might punch you down. Shoot him to complete the mission, and remember, you're not shooting the real Jonathan, it's only a holo projection.

Perfect Agent

1. Defeat dataDyne guard

This time you'll have to face Trent Easton after Jonathan. Once you gain control, zip around, wait for the guard to jump, then shoot him to complete objective 1.

2. Defeat Jonathan Dark

Once you do the walk, zip around the wall partition and shoot Jonathan to complete objective 2, and remember, he can't shoot you. Grab his Magnum if you need ammo.

3. Defeat Trent Easton

Now for the hard part. Trent has perfect accuracy, but he won't move, so quickly zip behind the wall partition before he can hit you. Go up to the end of the wall that's closest to him, then carefully use the lean command to line your sights up with him. Quickly zip out and shoot him, if you hit him but he doesn't drop, he'll be stunned, so quickly dash out and knock him down to complete the mission.

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