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Character Biographies

Familiar faces and new contenders will find themselves caught up in the game's story. Read about their background stories here and find out if they're friend or foe.

Joanna Dark
Joanna Dark Affiliation: Dark Bail Bonds
Age: 20 years

Profile: Young and inexperienced, Joanna lived most of her life under the tutelage of her father Jack, and in 20 short years picked up all the tricks of the trade. Learning field tactics, gunplay, stealth and self-defense from the best, she quickly developed a tanacity of reckless behaviour and making brash decisions. Subsequently, Joanna's nature tends to land her in sticky situations she somehow always discovers a way out of. Joining her father in the day-to-day affairs of the family business, Dark Bail Bonds, the two will find their worlds turned upside down after taking on an anonymous rescue op later revealed to be from one Daniel Carrington.

Jack Dark
Jack Dark Affiliation: Dark Bail Bonds
Age: 51 years

Profile: Ex-marine, former cop, now single parent of a young woman. Jack Dark has seen it all and lived to tell about it. Now a bounty hunter for hire, Jack runs his own outfit, Dark Bail Bonds, while passing on everything he's learned over the years to Joanna. Morally driven, Jack's major business challenge is avoiding the giant hypercorps as his ethical viewpoints don't often see eye-to-eye with the executives. In times of financial stress, Jack has no idea how his own life and the lives of those he cares for will be affected after accepting an anonymous rescue operation.

Chandra Sekhar
Chandra Sekhar Affiliation: Dark Bail Bonds
Age: 25 years

Profile: During his time spent working for the Detroit PD, Jack Dark had the pleasure of working with one Chandra Sehkar, a young and ambitious computer hacker and jack-of-all-trades when it comes to hi-tech hardware. After retiring from the force, Jack offered Chandra the chance to co-found Dark Bail Bonds. She accepted and quickly earned Jack's trust and respect. Managing jobs, weapons and inventory, Chandra kept Jack organised and often passed on much of her knowledge to Joanna who in turn learned to respect Chandra's advice during missions. It'll be up to Chandra to be Jack and Joanna's eye-in-the-sky during their trip to Hong Kong.

Jonathan Stienberg
Jonathan Stienberg Affiliation: Carrington Institute
Age: 25 years

Profile: As the Carrington Institute's prized top-agent, Jonathan Stienberg never regretted the day he accepted Daniel Carrington's offer to join the CI. A top marksman and skilled soldier, Jonathan's skills have brought the CI many victories over Daniel's enemies. Not one to waste time with idle chit-chat, Jonathan will finally meet his greatest rival when his path crosses Joanna Dark's.

Daniel Carrington
Daniel Carrington Affiliation: Carrington Institute
Age: 60 years

Profile: Daniel Carrington was born to prestige and a wealthy family. Raised with a solid education, Daniel inherited his father's business upon Sir Richard Carrington's unfortunate death. Becoming a successful businessman and entrepreneur, Daniel's research and resources culminated to become the Carrington Institute - Daniel's cutting-edge R&D company. Introducing the world to wonders such as anti-gravity technology, Daniel enjoys a firm presence on the market, but his success ultimately placed him and his business in direct competition with dataDyne. Carrington's pursuit of technology to improve and enhance human life ethically is what truly sets him apart from Zhang Li.

Mai Hem
Mai Hem Affiliation: dataDyne
Age: 23 years

Profile: Daughter of the richest man in the world, Mai Hem has surely let her father's wealth go to her head. The current undefeated champion of dataDyne's revolutionary "DeathMatch VR" competition, Mai Hem's ego and stuck-up attitude go hand-in-hand with her father's empire. Personally in charge of keeping tabs on all of dataDyne's top-secret missions, she'll do whatever it takes to see her father's will be done.

Zhang Li
Zhang Li Affiliation: dataDyne
Age: 44 years

Profile: Ambitious and a ruthless businessman, Zhang Li hailed from humble beginnings, turning his father's simple import-export business into the empire-sized dataDyne of today. On the outside he potrays himself as a simple and wise leader, but his true motives are always kept close to heart. Generally using any methods to attain his goals, dataDyne's values and lack of ethics easily reveal Zhang Li's true nature. Lately his watchful eyes have turned to a new discovery: ancient alien hyroglyphs have been uncovered, and Zhang Li wants whatever they ultimately lead to.