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Gadgets Primer

21st century gadgets you can't leave home without. Learn how to use each gadget with this primer.

Mission Select note: When playing a mission for the first time on each difficulty level you'll be given a specific piece of equipment and won't be able to choose your gadgets. Upon completing missions, from then on you can choose to bring along either the Datathief, Loctopus or Demokit. Some missions will also give you specific gear such as the Audioscope or the CamSpy as certain objectives can't be completed without them.

Datathief This hi-tech gizmo has all the latest encryption algorithms, making it the ideal tool to hack into electronic devices.

How to use: Stand in front of the hackable object (keypad, computer, etc.) and press Left or Right on the D-pad when the work "Hack" appears on-screen. Jo will flip open the Datathief and you'll see three spinning circles inside. Within each circle is any number of blue (ICE - Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics) blocks. A highlighted block will slowly move around the circle, when it hovers over a blue block you'll need to press A to clear it. Each time you clear a circle of blue blocks you'll move down to the next circle. Clear all the blue blocks for a successful hack. If you hit a white block by accident it'll begin flashing. Avoid hitting two white blocks or a red block, otherwise you'll be knocked back one circle.

Loctopus This little mechanical squid can break through any old-fashioned keylock.

How to use: Stand before the locked object and press Left or Right on the D-pad when "Unlock" appears. Watch the front of the Locotpus carefully. Spin the Left Thumbstick around until the red light on the Locotpus turns green and the controller begins to vibrate. Hold the stick there and wait for the green light to shrink. Once it disappears you'll hear a beep and it'll move on to the next pin. Spin the thumbstick again until it vibrates and hold it there until the pin unlocks. Keep repeating this until the lock opens.

Sometimes you'll need to lock a door or mechanism. Hit Left or Right when "Lock" appears. Then hold any direction on the Left Stick and press and hold A. You'll see a pac-man shaped circle appear in the middle of the Loctopus and seal, wait for a sound to chime before holding the stick in another direction and holding A again. Keep doing this a few times until the lock seals.

Demokit Need to make yourself a door? This explosive solution should do the trick.

How to use: Stand in front of the destructible object (crack in a wall, etc.) and hit Left or Right on the D-pad when "Blow up" appears. You now need to complete the circuit from the remote detonator to the explosive charge before it can detonate. A grid of yellow blocks with lines printed on each trace a path from the start to the end of the circuit (the start and finish being represented by two blocks on the outside of the grid). Rotate each square with A and draw a path from the start to the end to complete the circuit. Upon setting the timer you'll plant the charge and have three seconds to bail out of there before it explodes.

Audioscope Hi-precision optics and an audio recorder round out this favourite among super-spys.

How to use: You can use the Audioscope anywhere by pressing Left or Right on the D-pad. Zoom in with the Left Trigger (hold for maximum zoom) and you can lock onto targets by pulling (not holding) the Right Trigger when the crosshair hovers above a highlighted target.

The latest technology in mobile spy camera devices.

How to use: Activate the CamSpy with Left or Right on the D-pad when "CamSpy" or "BugSpy" appears on-screen (at a point in the Datacore mission you'll switch to the CamSpy automatically). Move the camera around as you would direct your character normally, with the Left Thumbstick controlling movement and the right your camera view. Use the Right Trigger to emit a short electric pulse to activate electronic objects in the environment.

Revive Kit
Revive Kit Simple revival kit for restoring downed Co-op players.

How to use: If your Co-op buddy loses all their health they'll become incapacitated and can't move. You'll need to go and find them - a radar appears to help guide you, head for the green "X" or follow the yellow arrows on the ground. Press Left or Right on the D-pad while standing over your buddy when "Revive" appears. Wait for the red circles to finish swirling inward on your Datathief-like Revive kit before moving away. Once you hear a beeping sound you can move off away from your buddy.

Nightvision Goggles
Nightvision Goggles Standard military-issue goggles for use in low-light environments.

How to use: Hit Left or Right on the D-pad at any time to equip the Nightvision Goggles, unequip it the same way.

Threat-detector Goggles
Goggles used to detect friendly and enemy units.

How to use: Left or Right on the D-pad will equip these goggles at any time. Enemy targets will be highlighted red, while friendly units appear green. Perfect for use out in the jungles of Peru, you'll find these operate exactly the same way as the RCP-90's threat detector.

X-Ray Goggles
Look through walls and under enemies' skin with these goggles.

How to use: Press Left or Right on the D-pad to see through walls with this. All characters in range will show up as bright white skeletons but it won't differentiate between friend or foe, so make sure you're attacking a hostile before pulling the trigger.