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Developer Interviews

In the months before Perfect Dark Zero's release, a number of the game's developers chatted about the different aspects of piecing the game together. Check out the interviews archived here to find out what they had to say.

Official interviews

All these following interviews originated from the now-defunct Perfect Dark Zero official website - we're housing them here for posterity.

Interview Date
Eric Trautmann (Janus' Tears Author) 2006
Jean Morisson (Lead Singer of MorissonPoe) 2006
Rick Lockyear (PDZ Test Team Lead) 2006
Wil Overton (Audio interview) 2006
Jon Mummery (Lead Animator) 2006
Lee Hutchinson (AI Developer) 2006
Marc Guggenheim (Script Writer) 2006
Sam Jones (Lead Background Artist) November 9, 2005
Greg Rucka (Author of Perfect Dark: Initial Vector) November 4, 2005
Wil Overton (Lead Concept Artist) October 27, 2005
Chris Tilston (Lead Designer) September 9, 2005
Duncan Botwood (Senior Designer) September 2, 2005
Eric Trautmann (Comic Book Writer) Part 1 June 24, 2005
Eric Trautmann (Comic Book Writer) Part 2 June 24, 2005
Eric Trautmann (Comic Book Writer) Part 3 June 24, 2005

Other interviews

Interview Date
GameSpy: Interview with author Greg Rucka September 23, 2005