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Combat Arena Maps

Featuring fully scalable environments with a maximum of 32 players, PDZ's map count may be small but the variety is enourmous. Switch on Random in the game options or open up different specific areas to change the map's size according to number of players and you've got yourself a different arena to your last game.

Standard maps

Inspired by the Hong Kong subway in Nightclub Stakeout, this arena spans a large underground railway station filled with small rooms surrounding the large subway station platforms.
This arena features a large open district of down-town Hong Kong with a multitude of modern-day buildings to explore and roadways to take the fight to the streets.
Scorching desert valleys with the tell-tale signs of a recent battle are to be found in this arena. A large intricate crumbling fortress lies in one corner, a perfect location for heated close-quarter battles.
Frag it out in a twisting ancient Aztec temple. The immense foliage should keep your trigger finger itchy as it all provides ample visual cover from opponents. It's also a perfect environment for booby-trapped UGLs and proximity Multi-Mines.
Old town:
Explore this sprawling abandoned desert town filled with intertwining buildings and great cover locations at every turn.
Hidden high in the Chinese mountains, this massive dataDyne research facility is riddled with gorgeous temple structures and the odd rocket launching tower. With bases surrounding a central tower, there's plenty of room for epic battles.

First map pack released on June 7th, 2006

An arena set within an active gasplant facility, filled with twisting pipes, machinery and an outdoor snow setting.
A massive sprawling urban rooftop setting with plenty of cover and places to hide.
A desert ruin inspired by the single player game's Bridge Assault mission.
Home to a classic-style city lit by both the night sky and street lights.

Second map pack released on November 1st, 2006

Enjoy a match in this classic map originally found in GoldenEye 007, then later featured as "Felicity" in Perfect Dark.
Another classic remake, this time connected to the ruins of the Graal but presented with a very Skedar-inspired feel.