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Combat Arena Statistics

Not to be left out of the statistics race, the Combat Arena keeps track of all your offline and online matches (but is only viewable online). Proud of your efforts but want more than unlocked Gamer Achievements? Not to worry, as you can opt to have your stats posted on the world leaderboards for all to see. Read on for more details on the stats you'll see following a Combat Arena match.

Team score Gives details on the performance of both teams (in team games only), with Position, Score, Players and Average rating.
Players Scores Details individual players with ranking Position, Team (if applicable), Score and overall Rating.

Game score Lists individual human player's scores contributing to the final gametype score.

Number of rolls How many times you use the Combat Roll in a match.
Number of climbs The number of times you've climbed up or down a ladder.
Number of cover moves Total number of cover moves used.
Deaths from falling How many times you've bungee-jumped without a rope.
Deaths from suicides How many times you've done yourself in with any weapon.
Total deaths Total number of deaths including suicides and enemy scores.
Worst death streak Your worst number of deaths in a row without scoring.
Average lifetime The average time you spend alive in the arena.
Ammo pickups How many ammo crates you've picked up during the match.

Normal kills Your total frags score.
Headshot kills How many headshot frags you've scored.
Assists Number of assist frags scored with buddies on your team.
Friendly kills Number of betrayals you've made against teammates.
Best kill streak Your best frags score in a row without dying.
Time on radar The time you've spent exposed to enemy radar.
Time stationary The total time you've spent camping in one spot on the map.
Distance travelled Total distance in meters you've travelled around the map.

Weapon (press X to cycle between weapons)
Primary shots fired Total number of regular shots you've fired from the weapon.
Secondary uses Number of times you've used the weapon's secondary function.
Kills from behind Number of frags you've made from behind an enemy.
Headshot kills Number of headshot frags you've made with the weapon.
Melee kills Number of frags you've made by whacking opponents.
Body kills Total number of non-headshot frags.

Vehicles (press X to cycle between Jetpac and Hovercraft)
Vehicles used Total number of times you've used the specific vehicle.
Vehicles trashed Number of opponent vehicles you've successfully destroyed.
Kills Total number of frags you've scored while driving a vehicle.
Roadkills Number of frags you've made ramming into opponents.
Vehicle deaths Number of times you've lost a vehicle.
Time as driver Total time in minutes you've driven the vehicle.
Time as gunner Total time in minutes you've sat in the gunner position.