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Hidden Items

Scattered around various missions you'll find unique weapons unlike their common brethren. To unlock weapons on the load-out Armory screen you'll need to first find them in a mission and successfully complete it with the new weapon in hand. Use this list below to find those trickier weapons hidden about. Also included here are all the Armor vest locations, grab one for that extra protection.

Datacore Demolition

Jack Dark's Magnum

There's only one way to score this puppy, as soon as you see Jack up on deck, disarm him. He'll drop the Magnum and pull out a P9P so he's not completely defenseless. The Magnum itself is identical to a regular DY357, but has a black grip with a star embossed on both sides. Sadly you can't keep any new weapons in this first mission, so you can only enjoy it for the remainder of the mission.

Nightclub Stakeout

DEF-12 Shotgun

All three of the enforcers outside the club wield Shotguns. Defeat them to score this weapon.

Frag Grenade

Head downstairs to the basement of the club where two goons hang out (beside the room where one goon is sweeping the floor). One of the grates on the walls conceals the grenade, whack the grate apart to reach it.


When entering the nightclub from the main entrance, there's a bartender wielding a Falcon behind the bar on the left. In the room behind the bar you'll find the vest in the corner. The room also houses a fire alarm, sneak in via the outside side entrance rather than through the main entrance to avoid trouble.

Subway Retrieval


Inside the building where you'll find Zeigler's briefcase, the first room up on the second floor houses the vest beside the two filing cabinets.

Rooftops Escape


Near the end of the mission you'll find a rooftop with a bunch of DWs lying about among two weapons crates. Use the Loctopus on the locked weapons crate to uncover two DY357s. There's a dataDyne agent down below just ahead who's also carrying a DY357.


Several snipers positioned around the rooftops carry Jackals, drop them and grab their fallen weapon.


Around the corner from the locked fire escape Jack opens is an open balcony - unlock the door on the far wall to find a small room concealing an M60, but watch out for the dataDyne agent babysitting it.


A short while after Killian shows up the first time you'll drop down to a rooftop where a single dataDyne agent sometimes lurks (along with the storm drain gate sensor on Perfect Agent). Find the vest in the corner nearby among the pipes.

When playing Co-op there's also a second vest hidden inside the green sewer drains near the end of the mission (ideally it's for Jack's player to pick up).

Mansion Infiltration


Once inside the mansion, creep through the red laser tripwire room to find the Viblade perched atop a small pedestal in the center of the room.


You'll find the vest sitting atop the first guard wall near the center span.

Laboratory Rescue


Once you've reached the containment area, you'll find the vest resting among the scaffolding surrounding the central command tower. Climb up the ladder or walk up the ramp to reach it.

River Extraction

Rocket Launcher

On Agent and Secret Agent the Rocket Launcher will be waiting for you on the Hovercraft's gunner position, but on Perfect Agent you'll find it way over on the gun turret in the corner by the river gate.


The vest rests inside the small guardpost beside the river gate, near the tower housing the gate release valve.

Trinity Infiltration


One of the wooden crates in the loading dock at the start conceals a Hawk Boomerang, grab the X-ray goggles from one of the weapon lockers nearby to pinpoint it.

Psychosis Gun

Unlock the weapons crate beside the main elevator before descending into the facility to finds a Psychosis Gun inside. Some of the scientists and security guards down in the submersible hangars also carry this weapon.


In the submersible hangar riddled with cameras there's a line of rooms up above where scientists hang about. The vest is hidden in the corner of the first one along, next to a vending machine.

Trinity Escape


After exiting the first submersible hangar, keep heading forward beyond the second location where you plant a Demokit to cut off pursuers. At the end of the corridor you'll find the vest on the left beside a sealed door.

Jungle Storm


Right from the get-go walk over to the left to find a pair of RCP-90s resting atop two wooden crates. Many enemies in this mission also carry this weapon.


At the waterfall bridge where one or two Jetpacs take shots at you, there's a lone soldier on the far side of the bridge wielding a Hawk.


After moving through the first village you'll climb up a ladder. The next hut beyond this one houses the vest in the corner (along with a lone soldier).

Temple Surveillance


There's only one soldier in this mission carrying a Multi-Mine. Grab the X-ray goggles early on in the piece to help you find him. The soldier usually hangs around the stone tunnels leading to the loading elevator controls, beyond the wooden bridge spanning a water-filled room. Once you find him watch out for any pesky mines he might throw.

Plasma Rifle

Upon planting the tracking device on the power source Mai Hem's "Phantoms" will attack. Each one carries a Plasma Rifle, drop one of them and grab his gun.


There's a small brightly lit room inhabited by an M60-wielding soldier directly in front of the loading elevator's controls. The vest is resting in the center of the room.

Outpost Rescue


Once you pass the bridge where an M60 turret attacks from above, climb to the top of the structure to find a lone guard standing next to a satellite dish. Drop him and grab his fallen SuperDragon.


The vest rests beside the satellite dish on top of the structure just beyond the bridge near the start of the mission.

Bridge Assault

Shockwave Rifle

Right at the start you'll find a squad of CI soldiers pinned down by snipers hidden throughout the temple structure ahead. The Shockwave Rifle rests on the ground near a fallen CI soldier in plain view.

Rocket Launcher

When you exit the temple and see the blocked tunnel ahead leading to the bridge, a picture-in-picture will show you a Rocket Launcher-wielding dataDyne soldier watching from a rocky ledge above. Use the Shockwave Rifle's X-ray scope to see him, take him out carefully or backtrack to the front of the temple to drop him. With him and his buddy down head up to grab the fallen Rocket Launcher. There's also another one to be found in the locked weapons crate in the CI's armory at the bridge.


The vest is hidden under the staircase in the CI's weapon armory at the bridge, you'll pass through there on your way out to the bridge.

Arena Showdown


Make Zhang Li trip over when he joins you on the main dais (Combat roll away from him when he lowers his shield) and grab his fallen Viblade before he gets back up.