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Mission Statistics

Upon completing each Single player and Co-op mission, you'll be presented with a slew of statistics detailing your performance. The game will keep track of your best statistics, but bear in mind that if you restart a mission from the checkpoint it won't record anything - you need to play through the entire mission without losing. If you're connected to Xbox Live, you can opt to have your best statistics for each mission visible on the world leaderboards. Below you'll find explanations for each statistic element.

Body hits Number of enemies defeated with non-headshot hits.
Headshot hits Number of enemies defeated with a headshot.
Unarmed hits Number of enemies defeated with your fists.
Total Combat hits Overall total number of enemies defeated.
Combat total Total score, comprised of different types of defeats made.

Stealth hits Number of enemies defeated without them seeing you.
Unarmed hits Number of enemies defeated silently with your fists.
Stealth total Total stealth score.

Time taken Overall time taken to clear the mission.
Target time A difficulty setting-specific goal time limit.
Speed total Total speed score - the closer or further under the target time your time taken is, the higher the score.

Shots fired Total number of shots fired from any projectile weapon.
Shots hit Total number of successful body hits on enemies.
Accuracy Accuracy percentage, based on number of successful shots hit.
Headshots Total number of enemy headshots made.
Body shots Total number of torso enemy hits.
Limb shots Total number of arm and leg enemy hits.
Marksmanship total Overall total marksmanship score.

Safety total Overall score based on successful evasion of enemy attacks.

Number of areas Total number of unique regions within the mission.
Areas explored Total number of regions explored in the mission.
Exploration total Total exploration score based on number of regions visited.

Objectives Overall score based on how many Support objectives completed.

Combat total Total combat defeats score.
Stealth total Total stealth score.
Speed total Total speed score.
Marksmanship total Total marksmanship score.
Safety total Total safety score.
Exploration total Total exploration score.
Objectives total Total objectives score.
Difficulty bonus Bonus gained from higher difficulty settings. Secret Agent multiplies your overall score by 1.5, while Perfect Agent multiplies it by 3.
Overall Total overall score for the mission.