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Combat Arena Bots

Available in both offline and online games, set a few bots up in your games among human players to spice things up a bit. The retail game offers four standard settings for bots, while the first Xbox Live game update adds a selection of special bot personalities. The first game update also allows the inclusion of bots in DarkOps games.

Issuing commands to bots

Rather than just wander around doing their thing, bots on your team will obey a few simple orders you can give them. Press Back and hit the Right Bumper to bring up the arena's map display. From here press A to command bots to follow you around the map (a green glow appearing around the dot indicating your current position represents this), press A again to break them off. Move the cursor around the map and use X and Y to set waypoints for them to walk to, use these to get them to hold their positions at a specific location or advance on enemy territory.

Standard bot difficulties

Standard bot difficulties reflect the single player game's settings, with Agent, Secret Agent, Perfect Agent and Dark Agent. Agent-level bots are nothing more than their classic MeatSim counterparts, while Dark-level bots are as psycho and horrifically accurate as you'd expect them to be.

Special bot personalities

Throw a few of these bots into the mix to spice up a game session.

Uses the standard bot difficulties.
Bots are cloaked as if they were carrying a Plasma Rifle, except when they fire weapons.
These bots will seek out and attack leading players with the highest kills score.
These dishonourable buggers will hunt down players with the least kills score.
Taking a grudge against anyone who frags them, these bots hunt down said players.
Chooses a random target and focuses on them until fragged.
Weaker players with low armor and health will find themselves the target of these bots.
Picks a random personality to use.