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Hints and Tricks

All manner of hidden tricks, glitches and easter eggs lie in wait somewhere in the game. Read about some of the weirder stuff you can find and do in the game here.

Leave the other Hovercraft unharmed

Bring the Loctopus along to River Extraction. Normally you'll need to destroy all three of the Hovercraft in the hangar before leaving the motor pool. You can either do it by destroying them all or by locking the garage door via the lock pin on the outside. If you destroy the front Hovercraft and manage to get one of its engines to blow off and land in the path of the door, try locking the door. The door will bounce off the engine and remain open and you'll complete the objective even though two of the Hovercraft are still in pristine condition.

The new scientists

In Lab Resuce, two scientists ramble on about a game with lame aliens and wimpy scientists - guess which one they're referring to. To find them, bring along the Datathief and head to the room full of guards, barrels and crates above the power generator room. Hack the terminal hidden near the stairs to open the small yellow laserfield, then crawl through the tunnels till you reach the tracking system's power room. Stay out of sight when you hear them talking or they'll freak out if they see you.

Rats in the temple

Next time you're visiting Temple Surveillance, head down to the bottom of the first spike pit. There's a small rat impaled on one of the many spikes. If that isn't enough of a demonstration of the temple's deathtraps, look on the floor on the left side of the room where the statue heads breathe fire; there's a smouldering rat sitting there.

Jack's Magnum

Jack carries his own signature DY357 in the Datacore Demolition mission, you can snatch it from him with a quick disarm. It has a far bigger maximum payload to the normal variant and has a few distinct visual features, but apart from that it's pretty much the same.

Keep the Demokit's detonator

Thanks to joush for this one. When the demokit's charge explodes after setting it on a damaged wall, hit the Left Bumper to Combat roll. Tap it again straight away and if done correctly the detonator should still be visible on-screen, instead of normally disappearing.

Rag-doll whirlwind

This odd glitch seems to show up sometimes when using the Plasma Rifle. Normally a shot from the gun is enough to launch enemies into the air - but only slightly. Sometimes their bodies will take the gun's force feedback a little too far and begin flicking and flipping around the ground and air as though some invisible force is pushing them around. It also sometimes affects downed Jetpacs, making the vehicle look as though its developed its own dance routine.