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Mission Guides

Need help clearing a mission? We've got you covered here with detailed mission walkthroughs to guide Joanna safely through a chaotic world. Often you'll find different ways to go about completing mission objectives, so bear in mind that these walkthroughs frequently refer to just one of many ways to complete your goals.

Mission Select

0. Datacore Demolition 5. Laboratory Rescue 10. Temple Surveillance
1. Nightclub Stakeout 6. River Extraction 11. Outpost Rescue
2. Subway Retrieval 7. Trinity Infiltration 12. Bridge Assault
3. Rooftops Escape 8. Trinity Escape 13. Arena Showdown
4. Mansion Infiltration 9. Jungle Storm  

Mission Notes

Perfect Dark Zero's missions can be played on one of four difficulty settings - Agent, Secret Agent, Perfect Agent and Dark Agent, with difficulty level rising with each. Complete the entire game on Perfect Agent to unlock the Dark Agent mode.

The walkthroughs here are all generally written with the Perfect Agent setting in mind, any objectives not appearing in all settings will be indicated accordingly. Any other differences will also be noted.

To successfully clear a mission, you'll need to complete all Primary objectives. Support objectives aren't critical, but will add to your overall completion score.

As an added assist option, Perfect Dark Zero features a waypoint system to help you find your way around. If you're lost and can't find your way, wait a few seconds for arrows to appear on the ground. Blue arrows point to your next objective, while yellow arrows will lead you to your buddy in Co-Op. You can choose to turn off the waypoints in the Options menu once you've played enough to know your way around.

Some missions contain a single checkpoint roughly halfway through, if you die beyond the checkpoint you'll have the option of returning to that point rather than restarting the mission. Bear in mind that your stats won't be recorded if you restart from a checkpoint, although the game will still record your completion of the difficulty setting. Read more about checkpoints.

Normally, for each difficulty setting, you won't be able to customise which gadget to bring to a mission if you haven't yet completed it. But if you've completed that same mission on the same setting in the Co-Op mode, you will be able to select your gadget. So let's say you've just finished Trinity Infiltration on Perfect Agent Co-Op, but haven't done it yet on your own. When you play it on your own you'll be able to select your gadget.

See the Mission Statistics page for explanations on what all the post-mission statistics represent.