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PDZ.com interview with Eric Trautmann, Part 3

Original interview transcript from PerfectDarkZero.com.

In the final installment of our three-part interview with the "Welcome the War" designer, scripter and letterer, Operative Trautmann makes some personal observations about his work and drops a vital clue about the Carrington Institute's deepest secrets.

Question: What is your favorite panel in the book?

Eric S. Trautmann: When Abbot is captured by dataDyne commandoes, and he’s about to be shot in the back of the head, he’s begging for his life. “Please…I have a wife…” he whispers. “And I have an ex-wife,” the commando replies, cocking the hammer of his pistol. “Trust me, buddy—she’ll get over it.”

I really like that exchange.

Close second is Joanna’s first full appearance (on page 7), where’s she’s gunning down bad guys. I think that page is very effective.

In terms of the art, it’s hard to pick a favorite panel. Cold Fuzion Studios – who we hired to complete the book – did incredible work, despite a crushing deadline. The original illustrator ended up pulling out of the project because of scheduling conflicts, and we were really lucky to get such high quality work under such a tough time crunch.

Question: Are there any plans for a sequel to “Welcome to the War”?

Eric S. Trautmann: Any such plans are currently classified above your clearance level, Operative.

Question: Will Mr. Abbot appear in PDZ?

Eric S. Trautmann: Not that I’m aware of. That would, however, be unspeakably keen. I can say that there’s a chance he’ll appear again, in a different venue, but it’s a little too soon to provide detail, I’m afraid.

Question: What’s really on Sublevel Nine of the Carrington Institute headquarters?

Eric S. Trautmann: Cheese. Lots and lots of cheese. Swiss, mostly.