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Perfect Dark Timeline

From the mid 20th century to early 21st century, this timeline (originally drawn from the flash timeline available at the official Perfect Dark Zero site) chronicles major events in world history leading up to the game.

7 October, 1960
Daniel Carrington is born to Sir Richard Carrington and Dr. Sara Carrington in Edinburgh, Scotland.
17 May, 1962
Eustace Caroll is born in Oxford, England.
28 April, 1969
Jack Dark is born in Middletown, New York.
29 September, 1970
Sir Richard Carrington tragically dies in a car accident, leaving his fortune to Daniel and business to his wife.
1 June, 1976
Trent Easton is born in Boston, Massachusetts.
27 November, 1976
Zhang Li is born in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.
Daniel Carrington splits the family business in two, founding the Carrington Institute through the research and development half. His mother Dr. Sara Carrington continues the operations of the other half, leasing scientific facilities throughout the world to the British and US governments.
10 December, 1983
Cassandra De Vries is born in London, England.
5 January, 1988
Lawrence Foster is born (the gunsmith and techie at the Carrington Institute).
At only age 15, Trent Easton enters Loyola University.
19 January, 1995
Trent Easton joins the NSA as a cryptographer.
2 February, 1995
Chandra Sekhar is born in Detroit, Michigan.
Zhang Li founds dataDyne Industries.
Sick of the bureaucracy at the NSA, Trent Easton leaves his post to join the Ellison Electronic Security under the wing of dataDyne.
4 October, 1997
Mai Hem is born in Hong Kong.
The first emergence of antigravity technology is introduced to the world by the Carrington Institute.
18 March, 2000
Joanna Dark is born in Atlanta, Georgia.
13 April, 2000
Trent Easton is named as head of Ellison Electronic Security.
2 November, 2006
Daniel Carrington contacts dataDyne intending on sharing computer research. Negotiations begin but are quickly cut off by dataDyne soon after.
Nominated by the US President, Trent Easton accepts the post of Deputy Director of the NSA.
dataDyne announces their development of fully optical quantum computing, with the promise of a true Artificial Intelligence within the next 10 years.
A spy is caught attempting to break into the Carrington Institute's HQ and mysteriously dies while in custody.
A horrific super-flu strikes Canada, killing tens of thousands. Almost destroying the Canadian economy, a vaccine is eventually developed by dataDyne to counter the super-flu.
The first anti-gravity vehicles become available on the market, but are only affordable by the rich. A proprietary air-traffic control system developed by dataDyne almost completely eradicates mid-air accidents, becoming standard-equipped in all anti-grav vehicles.
1 January, 2018
The President of the US appoints Trent Easton as Director of the NSA.
3 September, 2018
dataDyne unveils its virtual reality DeathMatch system to the world, creating a new standard in mass entertainment. It soon becomes a haven for gamers taking part in tournaments around the world.
1 August, 2018
The United States Army awards a contract to dataDyne for supply and development of a standard issue assault rifle, the Dragon.
The events of Perfect Dark Zero.
September / October 2020
The events of the novel Perfect Dark: Initial Vector.