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Perfect Dark Zero
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Voice Actors

Ever wonder who provides their voice talent for the game's characters? Here's a list of all the voice actors and their respective characters featured in the game.

Main characters

Laurence Bouvard as Joanna Dark
John Guerassio as Jack Dark and Zeigler
Togo Igawa as Zhang Li
Don McCorkindale as Dr. Caroll
Kristopher Milnes as Jonathan Stienberg
Naoko Mori as Mai Hem
Dan Russell as Brother Virgil
Martin T Sherman as Killian
John Kay Steel as Daniel Carrington
Glen Wrage as Brother Clay
Jo Wyatt as Chandra Sekhar
Steve Hope Wynne as Father (the Trinity platform AI)

Additional voice talent

Jay Benedict
Doug Cockle
Rupert Farley
John Kay Steel
Brad Lavelle
Quarie Marshall
Kayvan Novak
Ian Porter
Dan Russell

Rare voice talent

Duncan Botwood
Ben Cullum
Estelle Ellis
Jamie Hughes
Steve Malpass
Eveline Novokovic
John Silke
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