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Xbox Live Downloadable Content

Rare will release future downloadable content (commonly referred to as "DLC") for Perfect Dark Zero on the Xbox Live Marketplace. With Xbox Live setup on your console, grab a free Silver Membership to download the new content. Find out what's been released to date here.

Two new multiplayer maps available on November 1st, 2006

Two new maps are available for free download, including classic remakes of Facility and Ruins. Both maps hailed from the original Perfect Dark (Facility was known as Felicity for some obscure legal reason, and originally featured in GoldenEye 007).

Four new multiplayer maps available on June 7th, 2006

Four new combat arena multiplayer maps are available for download, costing 500 Microsoft Points or $6.50 (USD). The maps include Gasplant, Rooftop, Trench and Plaza. All maps can be played in any mode within Deathmatch or DarkOps and will scale themselves depending on the number of players, just like the normal maps shipped with the game.

Game demo available on May 26th, 2006

The 850mb Perfect Dark Zero demo offers three gameplay options, a single-player segment of the Outpost mission (playable in Co-op as well), and two multiplayer modes. Dark Ops Infection mode and Deathmatch team kill count represent the multiplayer action, and can be played locally, through system link or over Xbox Live. Note that the demo version of the game can't interact with the full version, so demo players can't play online with owners of the retail game.

Game update available on May 5th, 2006

1. Support for DLC. Without the Title Update, the retail PDZ executable would not recognize the downloadable content packages.

2. DarkOps Bots. AI-controlled Bots are no longer relegated to DeathMatch games. Now they can challenge human players in any of the DarkOps multiplayer games. Just like in DeathMatch games, Bots can be used in either Live games or in offline games.

3. Additional AI variants for Bots. The PDZ team was not satisfied with just one version of Bot AI. Now a total of eight Bot Personalities are available. Is someone dominating everyone else in a match? Send a Judge Bot after them. Want to add chaos and confusion? Add some Feud Bots into the mix.

  1. Vanilla = Original Bot AI.
  2. Ghost = Invisible apart from when firing its weapon.
  3. Judge = Attacks the player with the most kills.
  4. Bully = Attacks the player with the least kills.
  5. Venge = Attacks the last person that killed them.
  6. Feud = Chooses a new random target on each spawn and hunts them down.
  7. Prey = Picks on the player with lowest armor and health.
  8. Random = Uses a random Bot Personality.

Multiplayer-Specific Bugs Fixed

1. Players could get out of bounds in Desert Map. At a particular location in the Desert Map, players could find a way to get outside of the map geometry. From the other side they could shoot into the map and attack players. But no one from the inside could shoot through the map walls to hit them.

2. Under certain conditions, players could float in air, allowing them to shoot into spawn rooms. If a player was headshot while piloting a vehicle (either Hovercraft or JetPac), then under certain circumstances they would float above the ground after respawning. This exploit could be used to get to a location where they could shoot into spawn rooms.

3. Achievements were not unlocking when they should. Some of a player's achievements were not unlocking, even though the Pre-Game Stats screens showed that they past the required number for each stat (e.g. 160 Headshots, but no 100 Headshot achievement awarded).

4. Unbalanced numbers of players in Ranked Games. Some Ranked games had uneven numbers of people on the teams, because the Team Auto Balance feature would use the wrong stats to balance the number of players on each team (e.g. 5 versus 1).

5. Players could repeatedly capture an enemy flag every four seconds. If one team mate stood on the enemy's flag holder, then another took the enemy flag back to the friendly base, the first team mate would score every four seconds for as long as she stood on the enemy's flag holder.

6. Certain Melee Kills were not being counted. A weaponless melee attack from behind was not counting towards a player's Melee Kills stats.

7. Teams could get positive points by killing teammates. If a player stands near a territory tower, a team mate can kill them and receive a positive point for defending a territory.

Additional Bugs Fixed

1. A crash occurred after logging out of a profile during a Story Mode level load.

2. Under unique circumstances, one player could control both screens of a split screen co-op game.

3. Rapidly switching between the Plasma Rifle and a Hovercraft turret allowed a player to fire the Plasma Rifle 10x faster than normal.

4. During split screen multiplayer, the rocket's secondary fire was causing an odd zooming of other players' screens.

5. Changing the gender of a player's multiplayer character model would not change the voice appropriately (e.g. male sounds even though the character was female).