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Nightclub Stakeout

Enjoying a night out in downtown Hong Kong, Joanna's first live operation sees her backing up Jack while he infiltrates a local nightclub intent on extracting a scientist by the name of Zeigler.

Mission One
Default gadget:
Datathief (A)
Loctopus (SA)
Demokit (PA)
Other gadgets:
Audioscope, Keys
Available weapons:
Falcon, P9P, UGL, Shotgun, Grenade

Identify enforcers (Primary)

While outside the club the name of the game is stealth. If you fire un-silenced weaponry or alert the guards patrolling the docks you'll most likely attract the enforcer's attention and blow the mission. A P9P or DW-P5's silencer is all you'll need. First thing you need to do is identify gang-leader Killian's top enforcers strewn among his regular cronies that completely embody the goon-code. You'll begin on the edge on the docks, just below the main courtyard entrance of the nightclub. There's a goon sitting atop a crate just ahead of you, quickly whack him in the back to drop him silently.

Use the Cover move on the stacked metal crates and wait there till another goon walks around the corner from the right. Wait for him to walk past then quickly sneak up behind and whack him one. With both goons silently out of the picture, walk up the large stone steps to the left of the starting dock.

You'll find a large open courtyard between yourself and the nightclub, walk over to the wall on the right to spot the first enforcer standing in the courtyard talking with another goon (the enforcers are easy to spot, they're the ones sporting Shotguns). Pull out the Audioscope by pressing Left or Right on the D-pad. Zoom in on the enforcer by holding the Left Trigger and aim at him so a green outline appears around his body. Pull the Right Trigger to lock onto the target, then wait while the scope finishes its analysis.

If you're playing on Agent only one enforcer scanned will complete the objective, so skip onto the next one. Otherwise, head back down the stone steps you climbed earlier and make your way back to the starting dock. Keep following the wall around the bend to see a flight of stairs ahead. Climb up to find yourself closer to the main entrance of the club.

Ahead you'll see three goons standing around a few crates surrounded by parked heavy vehicles. Beyond them around the back of the club you'll find a boat hangar where the second enforcer lurks. Crouch down and sneak over to the first vehicle, keeping behind it so the goons don't see you. Follow along the crates ahead until you reach the edge, then carefully walk diagonally towards the wall. Keep going forward to the wooden fence ahead and up the flight of stairs ahead to the door (the wooden fence can be blown open with your Demokit, but there's no point as it'll attract the goons). With any luck you should get by the goons without being seen. Knock the padlock off the door (use a melee attack) and open it up.

Inside you'll find Killian's black powerboat docked in the center of the boat hangar. You need to move around the catwalk over to the open door on the left to find the enforcer, but there's a goon patrolling the area. Stay behind the door you just opened and keep an eye on the open door ahead. As soon as you see the goon walk towards it with his back turned, run out and whack him in the back. With the goon out go inside the building to see the second enforcer outside a window ahead talking to another of his buddies. Use your Audioscope from here to grab a lock and scan the enforcer. Make sure no other goons hear you, as they'll blow your cover by alerting the enforcer.

With the second enforcer scanned you'll be done on Secret Agent and can head inside the club. Otherwise on Perfect Agent you'll have one more to locate and scan. Here's where your stealth streak will suffer, as it'll be difficult to get through the boat hangar without engaging the goons.

Destroy Killian's powerboat (Primary - PA)

To even up the odds, Chandra needs you to destroy Killian's powerboat on Perfect Agent which is slightly difficult to do without anyone noticing. Use the P9P to drop the enforcer and his buddy from here, then wait inside the garage for two more goons to appear if they're alerted. There's another two over up in the glassed office across the way, try to snipe them from here as well. If you're stuck inside the garage and someone opens the double-doors, shoot the red barrels to give them a nasty surprise.

With all the opposition cleared out, exit the garage by the double-doors and walk right, over to the red barrels stacked near the edge of the platform. Melee-attack them to push them into the water, then shoot a single barrel to set off the powerboat. From here you can explore the glassed office above to find a comical answering machine and set of keys to open a single door, but it's not necessary to.

Your exit is over on the wall near where the enforcer was hanging out. Remember the location of his fallen Shotgun, it may come in handy later on. Go through the door and use the Cover move on the edge of the dumpster nearby. Another goon will probably have heard all your shenanigans earlier so he'll be on the look-out. Line up your sights and snipe him as he closes in before he has a chance to fire. Head forward to find yourself at the rear of the nightclub. The stairway over on the side wall leads down inside the basement of the club, and you'll find a cargo lift around the other corner. Up against the wall opposite the cargo lift rests a small grate, whack it open to sometimes find a Grenade curiously hidden inside.

Stand on the lift and hit A to ride it up. At the top whack the goon standing there in the back before he sees you. You'll hear a phone ringing and someone talking, look down at the balcony below you to spot the final enforcer. Scan him from here, just keep crouched and out of sight as the three goons you passed earlier hanging around outside the boat hangar are in clear sight from here (and their amazing eyesight can spot you despite the distance). With the final enforcer scanned you'll have completed the objective. It might not be the most honourable thing to do, but if you snipe the enforcer from here now you'll steal his chance to ambush you later on in the upper floors of the club.

Locate Jack Dark (Primary)

Jack told you pretty sternly to stay out of the club, but he's got himself into a spot of bother and could use some backup. Before you can enter the club and take the fight to Killian's gang, Chandra needs you to evacuate all the civilians - tripping a fire alarm should do the trick.

Evacuate civilians (Support)

If you're equipped with the Datathief, there's a circuit box on the wall to the right of the club's main entrance (you would've seen it near the parked vehicles when heading for the boat hangar). Hack the box to automatically trigger the alarm. If you don't have the Datathief there's two manual alarms inside you can use.

There's three ways to enter the club, one via the main entrance (don't bother), one via the stairway out the back and another through a side entrance ahead of the helipad (you'll need the Loctopus to get through). If you enter through the locked side entrance you'll burst out into the main dance floor filled with civilians. Quickly enter the room on your right, inside you'll find an armor vest in the corner and the fire alarm beside another door.

If you enter via the basement stairway, you'll find a goon sweeping the floor with his back turned to you. It seems he needs a few whacks in the back to knock him down, just try to do it without anyone noticing. There's another two goons in the adjacent room, if they spot you draw them back outside and use a silenced weapon to take them down. With the area clear head further inside and up the staircase out of the basement.

You'll see a long corridor ahead and a door nearby, don't go through as it leads to the main dance floor (and is covered by a metal detector above). Move down the corridor to find a door at the far end. Inside you'll find another goon or two, the fire alarm is just off to the right beside the next door inside. Shoot it from here to set it off, immediately all the civilians will make a break for the exit.

With the alarm set off all the goons somehow know you're there and converge on your position. If they swarm on you, lure them back towards the basement and out the back. If the first enforcer joins them, quickly jump on the cargo lift and ride it up, from there you can safely snipe enemies appearing below, just don't hit any of the civilians standing around. Once you're clear of any hostiles, go back inside the club and to the room down the end of the long corridor. See the console on the table up against the glass wall? Flip the switch to turn off the metal detectors. By now the club should be empty apart from Killian's goons, so no need for stealth anymore.

A P9P, Falcon, and either an SMG or the Shotgun should be a good weapons combo inside the club. See the glass lining on the wall of this room? You're in luck as it's a one-way mirror, so no-one can look inside to see you. There's a goon straight ahead behind the bar, there's also a second goon behind the bar in the opposite diagonal corner of the main dance floor. You've got a bunch of goons lurking above on the second floor balcony, so keep your eyes peeled for them. Slowly creep through the door beside the fire alarm, keeping your sights fixed on the balcony above. Snipe any goons up top, then carefully take out the goon behind the bar ahead.

There should be at least three goons up on the balcony, the P90's threat detector will help you spot anyone lurking about. Hide behind the wall partition in front of the door and line your sights up with the bald goon behind the other bar in the corner. Quickly emerge and pop him before he squeezes any shots off. Listen for any goon chatter to find out if anyone's still about.

By now you should be alone in the main dance floor, from here you should go and grab the armor vest hidden in the room behind the bar (it shares the room with another fire alarm). Head up the main stairs and grab any fallen ammo from the goons you dispatched earlier. Note the bar in the corner facing the stairs leading up to the third floor. Keep going up the stairs to find a small entrance leading onto the third floor landing. Inside you'll see another bar ahead with trippy red flashing laser lights dancing all over. There's a crowd of goons just to the left of the bar, either reveal yourself or throw a firecracker clip from the Falcon to get their attention.

Quickly dash back down the stairs and set yourself up behind the bar facing the stairs. Use the Cover move here, no matter how hard the goons try they can't hit you unless they walk around the bar to your side. They'll swarm down the stairs and take up positions throughout the dance floor balcony, use an SMG or the Shotgun on any who haplessly run down the staircase you're facing. Take out the runners, then snipe out any remaining goons taking up cover positions. Watch out for the UGL-wielders, especially up close and personal. Grab fallen ammo and head back up to the third floor. Take care as there's another goon hiding behind the bar, he blends in with the backdrop so try to snipe him before entering the room.

Walk inside and look left - there's a double door ahead. Open it to find yourself on the outdoor balcony where the third enforcer was standing. You'll be thanking yourself for dealing with him earlier as if you didn't he would've joined the assault with his buddies just now. Go back inside - there's another bar room adjacent to this one, you can get to it via the door up on the balcony overhead or through a back room door behind the bar - use the back room for better stealth. Go through the door behind the bar and through the back room to find yourself at the second bar. Grab anyone's attention and quickly retreat into the small connecting room. Stay here with your sights on the door, blast anyone who runs through.

When the ambush stops, carefully emerge and snipe the goon standing behind the bar. Go over to the flight of stairs on your right and move on to the double doors up above. Take care inside as there might be a goon hiding in a small room on the left and two more standing on a flight of stairs to your right (the goon in the small room has a completely bare chest, dunno how he expects to survive). Deal with them all and head up the stairs.

Destroy sentry guns (Support - SA, PA)

From here, if you're playing on Agent you can casually make your way to the final elevator to complete the mission. The Secret and Perfect Agent modes won't be so easy. Before walking up the stairs, drop your weapons here and grab two UGLs. Go back inside the bar room with all the funky spotlights and back down to the small entrance you first entered the room via. Facing the opening in the wall, lay a booby-trapped UGL on the left side. Go back up to the double-doors and lay a second UGL on the right side of the door (when facing it). Move on and grab your weapons before going back up the stairs.

When you just about reach the top you'll see a picture-in-picture alert of a sentry turret ahead, while Chandra warns you of the danger. Immediately head back down and go inside the small room at the foot of the stairs. Look through the window down at the bar room, a bunch of goons will spawn and enter via the lower entrance. With any luck they'll fall for your trap, triggering the booby-trapped UGL, and if any make it through they should detonate the second. Keep your sights on the door of the room however as two goons will run down the stairs towards you. Stay in here and take out any hostiles before leaving.

With your position clear, go back up the stairs and take up a Cover move position near the top. Using the P9P, line your sights up on the sentry turret directly ahead of you on the opposite wall of the room. Pump three shots into it to remove it from the equation. You can now go up into the room, just watch out for more turrets around the corners ahead. Take in the room around you, you'll find a fountain in the center with two doors, one on the left and the other on the right.

Ignore the door on the right, two goons hang out inside and won't attack you if you leave them alone. The left door is locked - inside you'll find a control switch to kill all the sentry turrets at once. If you have the Demokit, you can blow your way in through the orange-light-illuminated cracked wall - it's pretty easy to spot.

Just watch out for the turrets, as they tend to change locations in Secret and Perfect Agent. If you're caught in the fire, Combat roll back into cover. Also remember that the P90 in its ever-usefulness can reprogram the turrets to render them harmless. With all the turrets neutralised, cruise through the room beyond the fountain and around the back to find an elevator door. You should spot two dead goons in the corner - looks like Jack's been busy. Open the door to find yourself inside a small elevator, and the end of the mission as your reward.

Next Mission: Subway Retrieval

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