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Trinity Escape

With all her allies gone and Dark Bail Bonds in ruins, Joanna's still stuck in the middle of Trinity Platform with a headache after Dr. Caroll attempted to extract a memory from her mind. All she can do now is trust this mysterious Jonathan character, as he's her only chance for survival.

Mission Eight
Default gadget:
Demokit (A)
Datathief (SA)
Loctopus (PA)
Other gadgets:
Available weapons:
P9P, Psychosis Gun, CMP-150, Laptop Gun, FAC-16, M60, Shotgun, Combat Shield

Download Zeigler's program (Primary)

Now the real fun begins. With Chandra's whereabouts unknown after Jonathan's timely entrance, all you can do now is follow him to freedom. Your ultimate objective is to reach the deck up above water, but there's an entire army to get through first. Jonathan and his two Carrington Institute buddies will stick with you throughout the mission, try to help them out as they tend to run into a firefight without any thought for their own safety. Jonathan can take much more of a beating than his two buddies so you'll need to keep close. They carry FAC-16s (one sometimes has a Shotgun) and apart from occasionally running into your line of fire they'll make a good stand for themselves.

The RCP-90 and the SuperDragon make a good combo for this mission as most of your foes either carry a CMP-150 or a Laptop Gun, so there's plenty of ammo to go around. Now to get things rolling. You'll begin outside Dr. Caroll's trashed lab, and the silence won't last for long. Pull out your SuperDragon and run through the corridor past the CI fellas. In the following corridor just outside the Datacore two Combat Shield-wielding dataDyne troops await, pump a grenade at them to finish them easily. Be ready to take down another soldier around the bend ahead.

With your position clear you'll notice the Datacore's door is wide open. Jonathan will run inside claiming that you need to hack into the Datacore and retrieve Zeigler's glyph translation program - something Zhang Li highly prizes. Inside the glowing Datacore you'll see a lone terminal, if you've got the Datathief you'll need to hack the terminal, otherwise Jonathan will step up to the challenge. If Jonathan's hacking the console stand nearby and keep your sights on the door. Soldiers will attack from the balcony up above, but your CI buddies should handle them easily enough.

Watch for a single soldier storming through the door, mow him down and Jonathan should be about done with the terminal. A successful hack of the Datacore will grant you completion of this objective.

Escape to evac point (Primary)

Exit the Datacore and proceed through the now-unlocked door straight ahead. Enter the Archaeology labs area and run down the ramp. By now you should hear the Father AI pleading with security that it's been hacked, listen as it slowly turns to garble for a laugh. Stop at the base of the ramp, watch for visible soldiers through the open door on the right. Wait for your buddies to catch up, stay still until one of them dashes into the room across from the ramp.

Quickly follow him inside to meet a nasty sight; there's around six or seven soldiers in here, along with some yellow jumpsuit-wearing technicians wielding Psychosis Guns or CMP-150s. Grab your SuperDragon and send another grenade into the mix as most of them stand close together, help your buddies pick off any remainders once the smoke clears.

You'll need to be quick here as your buddies can't take much of a beating. You can also take the other open door at the ramp, both paths eventually lead to the same point. Grab any dropped Laptop Guns for ammo before exiting the room via the door in the corner. Run up the ramp and around the corner to find the entrance of the Archaeology lab area (this should all look familiar, as you're backtracking through most of the areas explored in the previous mission).

Cut off pursuit (Support)

Stop when you reach the pneumatic door near the lone terminal (whatever you do, do not activate any terminals or consoles as it'll revive the Father AI, you don't want that annoying voice in your ear again). Look closely at the inner side of the door, two shutter panels are in the open position. To slow down your relentless pursuers you'll need to seal off these doors behind you. Only way to do it is to plant a Demokit at the base of the door from the other side. If you've got the Demokit you'll have to do it, otherwise one of Jonathan's CI buddies will do the job, but you must keep him alive to complete this objective. There's three doors to seal before securing your six.

Your buddies will cover you while you wire up the charge, otherwise if a CI soldier is doing it watch the door directly down the hall and take out any soldiers barging in as they'll shoot for him first. Run back when the charge blows, following the explosion the door will seal itself and you'll be clear to move on.

Flood Hangar (Support - SA, PA)

There's two exits from this location. One exit will lead to the winding ramp heading up to the Satellite Assembly hangar, while the other leads to an elevator shaft. Bundle everyone inside the elevator and ride up one floor. From here head through to the adjacent chamber to find a water pump release valve. If you've packed the Locktopus, plug it into the water valve and unlock the device to flood the hangar nearby and complete this objective. Otherwise wait for one of your buddies to complete the task and provide cover against the hostiles down the corridor.

With this objective complete, move through to the Satellite Assembly hangar to find yourself up on the top floor. As your difficulty level rises so to does the amount of soldiers you'll face here. Don't hang back for your buddies as they know nothing of cover, just run inside and blast anything in sight. Use the P90 for spotting targets with its threat detector, watch out for enemies on your current floor before aiming for the ones above or below. Take cover and watch out for any critters throwing Flashbangs.

If you've flooded the hangar all the enemies on the ground floor will be gone so you'll only need to deal with the ones higher up. Clear the area quickly and grab any fallen weaponry. Move through the observation rooms (again, do not activate the terminals on the desks) and watch out for more foes running around. Take up cover beside the door ahead and clear off any stragglers before emerging. Grab any fallen weaponry (a number of the technicians carry CMP-150s) and make your way over to the exit up on the second floor, as the door on the ground floor's locked.

Exit the hangar and move through the corridor ahead. You'll pass by a powered-down elevator and hear a soldier over the radio reporting it disabled, so you'll need to find another way out. Keep going to find the corridor ending at the entrance of the R&R section. Grab the Armor vest quickly at the dead-end if you need it. Go inside R&R and setup a Demokit to seal the door, or wait for your CI buddy to do it, watching the entrance for any followers.

With the door sealed cross the corridor and head through the door at the far end. The innards of R&R are filled with more foes, but instead of engaging them make a break for the door directly ahead, run through the long corridor without engaging any enemies. Don't worry about your buddies, they'll follow you through. It's not worth entering the main R&R area as it loops back around to the entrance. At the far end of the long sloping corridor you'll find yourself at the top of the Datacore room overlooking the CPU core.

Take the right path around the balcony over to the open door ahead. Ready your SuperDragon - there's two Combat Shield-wielding foes in the corridor beyond. Give them a grenade to play with and move on. Inside you'll find Bio Habitats; clear this area and you'll be clear of pursuers. The locked door in front of you is useless, you'll need to enter the habitat rooms either left or right.

Watch out for two soldiers flanking each door inside, mow them down and head inside. Cross the room to the other side and exit the habitat room. Keep going to the Demokit point and wait there for your buddies to catch up before wiring the charge. Once they arrive if one of them needs to wire the charge watch the door down the far end, as soldiers from the other habitat room you didn't move through will most likely appear and storm your position.

Seal this door up to permanently shut your foes off (come on, surely it wouldn't take 24 hours for a welding crew to get through?). If by some chance your CI buddies were a just a bit too hasty and managed to seal Jonathan inside, don't worry as he has a little trick up his sleeve to catch up with you.

Watch out for a soldier or two storming you from the next corridor, beyond you'll find the Submersible Hangar. Enter the room and spin to your right, there's a soldier hiding in the corner there. Spin back around and watch for soldiers and helmeted technicians across the hangar, take them and use cover from here. Use the SuperDragon to spot a lone soldier way over across the hangar, he's hiding on the balcony directly opposite you.

Watch out for more technicians hiding around the crates and oxygen cylinders down below the ramps, clear them off before heading down. Your buddies do have a tendency to fall here, if one of them carried a FAC-16 and you haven't scored one yet pick it up before moving on. Cross the hangar and watch out for three technicians hiding down on the right as you pass by the large yellow vats. With the hangar clear of hostiles head down to the far end and exit by the ground floor (the door on the second floor has mysteriously disappeared).

Cross the corridor to find an active elevator - coincidentally enough this is the same lift you entered the facility via in Infiltration. At this point if Jonathan found himself stuck on the opposite side of the last blast door you sealed earlier, turn around when you reach the elevator for a surprise, he's somehow instantly teleported to your location. Jump in the lift and wait for your buddies to enter before riding topside.

Secure launch pad (Primary - PA)

Up on deck you'll find a squad of dataDyne security guards attacking more of your new CI buddies. Eagle One - the dropship way over beyond the base of the rocket surrounded by flares - is your ticket out of here. On Agent and Secret Agent it'll be resting on the platform waiting for your presence, but on Perfect Agent the pilot will be in a spot of bother and is still hovering in the air drawing heavy fire.

You've got around ten security soldiers running around on the ground while two more attack in Jetpacs. All enemy forces need to be cleared out before you can leave this place for good. Zoom in and shred the soldier manning the M60 turret atop the short platform, he'll be firing at the dropship so you won't be in danger. Quickly aim your sights at the Jetpac to the right of the turret, quick as you can lob grenades at him with your SuperDragon, one or two grenades close enough will send him packing. You'll need to be ultra quick on Perfect Agent as those chain guns aren't friendly.

With the first Jetpac out run to the M60 turret and man it. Spin around to where the Jetpac hung out and take out any more guards there. Zoom in over to the right of the rocket and watch for two more guards running around firing at CI soldiers. You can't see them very well from here so make sure your reticule turns red before opening fire. With the right side clear spin around to face the landing zone and keep an eye out for any remaining soldiers over among the large cylinders. There's a final Jetpac hiding out around there, keep your fire concentrated and you'll finish it off quickly enough.

If the M60's too inaccurate for you jump off and finish him with the SuperDragon. On Perfect Agent you'll know you're clear when the objective complete message appears. With all security forces eliminated, waltz on over to your funky 21st-century ride and wait a few seconds before the final cutscene rolls.

Next Mission: Jungle Storm

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