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Rooftops Escape

Misfortune striking Zeigler just after he zaps something into Jack's head leaves Jack and Joanna alone to fight their way out of Hong Kong.

Mission Three
Default gadget:
Loctopus (A)
Demokit (SA)
Datathief (PA)
Other gadgets:
Available weapons:
P9P, DY357, DW-P5, Jackal, M60

Escape to evac point (Primary)

The final leg of your Hong Kong visit is nothing short of running the gauntlet. Separation from Jack means you'll need to cover him from the rooftops, taking out any dataDyne agents training their guns away from you. As a general rule of thumb, whenever a picture-in-picture of Jack appears on-screen he's taking fire and needs immediate assistance, or is on the move. As the difficulty settings get higher Jack's overall health level drops off so you'll need to hold his hand the entire way on Perfect Agent especially. If Jack drops the mission's over.

You should do yourself a favour and equip a scoped weapon before entering this mission as most of your foes will attack from a distance - and it's a great place for Jackal practice. The twisting and turning layout of the Hong Kong rooftops can get you easily lost, so keep your waypoints switched on and watch for the blue arrows if you stumble around. But on Perfect Agent you'll need to know exactly where to go and where every enemy appears. It might sound strange at first, but on Perfect Agent I strongly recommend you start this mission with the MagSec and the Rocket Launcher - you'll see why later on.

Keep the Rocket Launcher handy for later in the mission, the MagSec should get you by most of the way. From your starting point there's three Jackal-wielding snipers around and three more dataDyne agents down below on the street attacking Jack. Take out the first sniper with a headshot directly in front of you and slightly to the left. Drop the second sniper to your right, then finish the final sniper standing on the scaffolding over to your far right. Practice your aim and always go for headshots to preserve ammo. Nail the agents down below on the ground, shoot any red barrels they wander close to. With this first group of opposition down Jack will run off further up the street.

Jam enemy comms (Support - SA, PA)

There's a few ways to take out the enemy communication antennae to stop the dataDyne agents from producing coordinated attacks. Directly behind you lies three small metal radar antennae, destroying these devices will slowly cripple enemy communications. If you've brought along the Demokit, make your job easier by planting an explosive on the center antenna. Stand right back before it blows as the resulting explosion will rip apart every antennae, shutting down their communications for good. If you don't have the Demokit but have the Datathief don't waste your time picking off one antenna at a time, you'll later have a chance to hack their systems.

Leave this first area via the only small exit off to the side and jump down onto the scaffolding where a sniper once stood. Move ahead through the scaffolding over to the ladder ahead. By now Jack should be taking cover ahead down the street from three more assailants. Let him take care of them for the moment. Climb up the ladder and take cover against the corner of the wall up ahead.

Around the corner on the balcony you should spot at least two dataDyne agents, one with a helmet and the other equipped with body armor. Drop the helmetless agent and score a few headshots against the helmeted agent to finish him off. A third agent should eventually come running up the narrow staircase, be ready for him and don't let him get any shots off. Grab any P9Ps the agents drop, you'll need all the ammo you can find.

From this balcony there's a zipline near the edge of the scaffolding, stand underneath it and press A to zip over to the building across the way. Once you land quickly run up the stairs. At the top you'll find a large radio antenna with a terminal on a wall nearby. Use the Datathief to hack the terminal, upon a successful hack you'll have shut down enemy communications.

Walk over to the guardrail opposite the antenna, from here you'll have a great view of the action below. Help Jack take out the three agents giving him trouble, once they're out a hummer will pull up ahead and unload a few more agents. Shoot any red barrels they wander close to. Two more helmeted agents will eventually run up from the tunnel the hummer appeared from, leave them for Jack to give yourself more time to get to your next position. Watch out from this guardrail as another agent might appear back over at the building you just ziplined from, score a single headshot to put him down. Also keep an eye on the higher balcony on your left, two agents often appear there. If you're ever taking fire up on the roof while you're dealing with Jack's buddies below there must be agents up on the balconies.

With only a few agents left on the ground grab the zipline leading back to the building you originally came from. Ahead you'll see a large horizontal pipe, through there is where you need to be (although the building you're standing on has a few ways to get through - explore around and get acquainted).

Reach the head of the pipe and stop where you are - from here look over to the left. You'll see a balcony across the way beyond a tunnel connecting the two buildings - a sniper's waiting there, normally if you move on through the pipe he'll attack you on sight. Headshot him here to avoid some serious trouble. Go through the pipe and look down through the glass roof beyond. Headshot the agent down inside the building then drop through the shattered window. Watch out for a helmeted agent wandering around, drop him and grab his fallen P9P.

From inside the building you'll see a large steel door blocking a nearby wall. Jack needs to trip a fire escape alarm to open the door, but he won't do it until all the agents down on the street are history. Walk over to the open balcony down ahead and help him take out any remaining hostiles (if you'd left the previous sniper alone he'll be taking shots at you here). If you've brought along the Loctopus, the locked door on this balcony hides a small room with an M60 inside. With Jack's path clear he'll enter the building below you and trip the fire escape alarm (a picture-in-picture of the door opening will let you know).

Assist Jack (Primary)

Run through the fire escape and head through the door on the right at the end of the passage. Open the second door to find the balcony where the sniper was standing. You'll find a single DW-P5 resting against the wall and the sniper's dropped Jackal here. Drop your Rocket Launcher and grab the DW-P5 for now (feel free to use the Jackal, but its slow reload rate won't help you here). Stand along the guardrail and take a look at the building in view. You'll see a multitude of open floors ahead, Jack will try to reach the top floor from the ground floor. You'll need to help him clear out the agents streaming in to intercept. Watch out in Perfect Agent as Jack has a tendency to fall if you're not quick enough here. Using the DW, once the first group of agents ready their positions, shoot the red barrels to knock a few down, then finish off the rest with a few well-aimed headshots.

With the first floor clear Jack will head up top. Two agents will meet him on the second floor, take them both out quickly. Up on the third and final floor another group of agents will rush in. Wait for the two on point to reach the single red barrel before putting a shot into it. Quickly finish off the rest of the agents to clear Jack's path. Drop the DW and grab your Rocket Launcher before moving on.

Jack will eventually reach a cargo lift on the side of the building, but you'll need to power it up before he can use it. Use the zipline on the balcony to access the building ahead where you can see a power switch above the lift. Once there flip the switch and zipline over to the next building.

Nullify Killian (Support)

You'll find two more DWs propped up against the wall on this next building, quickly swap your Rocket Launcher for them. Turn around to find a nasty surprise, Killian's back and this time he means business. His personal transport will hover in the air while taking shots at you, so quickly take up cover behind the grey ventilation unit ahead. Stay here and wait for the hailstorm to stop before emerging. You'll now need to inflict enough damage on Killian's ship to send him off. Pick one of the ship's engines and focus all your shots on it, you just need to damage one enough so there's no point in wasting shots on both engines. Only shoot at him when he stops firing, that ship's chaingun isn't friendly on your health.

On Perfect Agent you'll be strapped for ammo, so don't miss and use up the DW's payload completely. Eventually the engine will begin spouting smoke. Killian will also spend his time shouting wisecracks at you, choose any of the options when they appear on-screen to say back. If your DW runs dry break out the MagSec and finish him off. Eventually he'll fly off and you'll fail the objective if you can't inflict enough damage in time. Otherwise you'll hear the ship's computer bluntly advising Killian to return his "product" for repairs and he'll slouch off.

Grab your Rocket Launcher and move on. Jump down the short drop ahead, leave your Rocket Launcher here and pick up the single DW at the base of the stairwell if your MagSec's low on ammo. Up top you'll find another group of rooftops, you'll sometimes find a single agent guarding the next one ahead down below (standing next to an Armor vest). Headshot him and go back for your Rocket Launcher if you left it behind.

Open flood gates (Primary - PA)

By now Jack should have reached the storm water drains down below leading to the evac point. On Perfect Agent you'll need to activate the rainwater sensors to open up the flood gates blocking his path. Use the Datathief on the tall sensor device near the Armor. A successful hack will open the gates below and clear this objective.

Grab the Armor vest nearby if you need to before moving on. You're about to come up against three more agents up on the next rooftop so grab a nearby DW if you need ammo. Climb up the stairwell - the three agents are waiting above the next stairwell ahead. They'll most likely spot you, stay here and wait for visual contact before attacking. Clear all three and make sure you've still got the Rocket Launcher handy. Climb the stairs and grab any pistols the agents dropped. In the corner of this roof you'll find a small weapons stash of DWs in weapon crates. The locked one contains a pair of Magnums and P9Ps if you've got the Loctopus handy.

Three more agents stake out the next roof down below, watch out for the helmeted one's Magnum (he's standing in the wall's shadow). Use the cover up here and drop all three targets before moving on. Smash your way through the glass ceilings, but watch out for a final agent down in the room below (he'll only be there if there wasn't anyone standing near the Armor vest on the roof earlier). Go through the door and down the narrow stairwell to find the entrance of a long metal pipe leading downward. Crawl inside and descend the pipe to find yourself at the lip of the storm water drains Jack travelled through moments ago. Drop down to find Jack waiting at a busted grate around the corner - the evac point is just ahead.

Defeat Killian (Boss fight)

This is it - your final dance with Killian before your adventures in Hong Kong come to a close. This first boss battle of the game won't be easy though - least of all on Perfect Agent. The large water docks this final battle takes place in leaves you stuck on the docking boards in the center while Jack deals with never-ending swarms of agents up on the streets surrounding the docks. Thankfully you won't have to worry about the agents above, Jack deals with them with ease. On Agent and Secret Agent you'll be given a radar to see where Killian's ship is, but on Perfect Agent you're naturally on your own.

Killian himself will use a multitude of attacks against you. His standard chaingun will often rain down on you, holster your weapon or Combat roll around to avoid his fire when out in the open. Most of the stacked wooden crates surrounding you contain DWs, crack them open if you need an extra gun or ammo. Don't waste time on crates that seem to take more than a few bashes to open, the ones with guns inside will break easily. The crates and ice blocks won't give you much in terms of cover, so use one of the small aluminium-roofed structures for protection.

Once again Killian's weaknesses are his ship's engines, but only attack one of them - you don't need to attack both. On Perfect Agent you should know by now why you've been lugging around a Rocket Launcher the entire mission, you need to take one of Killian's engines out as quickly as possible. Normally after flying about in the sky Killian will eventually drop off two DW-wielding goons repeatedly (don't know where he fits them all inside his ship). Jack will help you take them out but its generally a good idea to stop them from irritating you while concentrating on Killian (except on Perfect Agent, just use the environment for cover).

After dropping off goons Killian will open up at you with missiles. Believe me, you don't want to be hit by these, especially on Perfect Agent. The only way to ensure protection is to crouch down and stay behind one of the small structures on the docks, keeping Killian's ship on the opposite side. His missiles should plow into the structure leaving you uninjured. He'll also use a proximity flamethrower maneuver on Perfect Agent once you've dealt significant damage. Stay away from the belly of his ship as he'll try to swoop down on you, unloading a flamewash from his engines. You can always bring along the Hawk as its secondary shrapnel shield grants you complete immunity to Killian's missiles and red hot flames, but it won't work well alongside the Rocket Launcher (you still need the MagSec after all).

The ideal way of sending Killian packing is to shoot him down as quickly as possible. The Rocket Launcher should help you there. As soon as the battle begins, wait for Killian to fly over to another spot and hover there for a few seconds. Pick one engine, as soon as the chaingun starts firing fire a fly-by-wire rocket (hit the Right Bumper) and direct it straight into one engine. You should start to see smoke pouring from it already. Use the Combat roll to steer clear of his return fire, try to stay near one of the small structures for quick protection.

Wait for the ship to hover over somewhere else before firing another rocket. Only fire the rocket if his chaingun opens up, as he'll fly away quickly after a missile launch. If your aim isn't the best wait for him to drop off goons before firing at the engine, the slow drop-off leaves him completely open to attack. If you manage to score four direct rocket hits to one engine Killian's had it. If not, use up your remaining rockets and grab a DW to finish him off with. When you start to see enormous flames pouring out of the engine pod and the ship starts to fly skyward slowly and jerkingly, run for one of the small structures and hide behind it.

In a last-ditch effort Killian will make a kamikaze run and fly the ship straight towards you. Instant impact will end Killian's gang-leading and pimping days, emerge when the noise stops to find yourself finally in the clear. All difficulty settings give you a checkpoint right before the final fight so don't give up on Perfect Agent, just use the Rocket Launcher and it shouldn't be so painful.

Next Mission: Mansion Infiltration

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