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Jungle Storm

With dataDyne converging on an ancient temple in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, Carrington sends in the troops along with Joanna and Jonathan to stop Mai Hem's excavation of an ancient power source hidden deep in the jungle.

Mission Nine
Default gadget:
Loctopus (A)
Demokit (SA)
Datathief (PA)
Other gadgets:
Threat detector goggles
Available weapons:
P9P, MagSec, DY357, DW-P5, RCP-90, FAC-16, Hawk Boomerang, Grenade, Combat Shield

Defend dropship (Primary)

Your first mission for Carrington couldn't be tougher. Thanks to Zeigler's glyph decryption program and Joanna's recall of the coordinates Jack blurted out back in Lab Rescue, Carrington's managed to pinpoint dataDyne's activities in the Amazon. Dropship Eagle One originally had plans to make a safe drop-off on the outskirts of the excavation site, but dataDyne grunts shot that plan down literally. You'll start off in a large pond beside Eagle One; the pilot's already taken up position over on the right with a FAC-16 ready. You're about to be swamped by around 20 or so dataDyne soldiers, so get yourself ready for the game's toughest combat scenes.

This mission is long and tenaciously hard on Perfect Agent, right off the bat I recommend you bring along the Shockwave Rifle and a Grenade. As soon as you begin run to the left edge of the clearing where you'll locate two wooden crates with RCP-90s sitting on top. Drop the Shockwave over behind you out of the way and grab a P90. See the large stone statue against the canyon wall? Stand next to it up against the wall for the best cover you'll find here (don't bother using the Cover move).

dataDyne soldiers will run down from the top of the clearing, switch on your threat detector to see them clearly (even though they oddly wear red uniforms it's often incredibly hard to see them among all the underbrush). Stay here and pick off opponents as they appear. The dropship pilot should be fine; he'll lob grenades at the dataDyne troops to help you out. You'll need to finish off all the waves of enemies before they destroy the dropship, otherwise you'll fail the mission.

Stay beside the statue for cover and watch out for any soldiers carrying MagSecs, they have a nasty tendency of throwing grenades at you. You'll most likely eventually run dry on ammo, if you do quickly run out and grab as many dropped DWs as possible for your P90. Run back to cover and keep the defense up. If the soldiers ever bunch up in front of the large tree across from you throw a Grenade at them to knock down as many as possible.

Try to hold your best against them, if you have trouble or lose too much health simply restart and try again. Once the waves seem to wane and ultimately stop wait a second for the objective complete message to appear and you'll know you're clear (but be careful for a potential remaining straggler).

Breach dataDyne dig site (Primary)

With Eagle One safe and eager to visit the body shop Jonathan will radio in with some bad news - his team's cut off from the excavation site which leaves Joanna to finish their job. Once he radios out go visit the dropship pilot, he'll hand you a pair of threat detector goggles. You'll also find a FAC-16 locked in the weapons crate over near the pilot. Find a MagSec one of the soldiers was carrying and swap your Grenade and P90 for the Shockwave Rifle. The threat detector goggles will help you easily spot enemies further in the jungle, but the immense foliage will block the signal most of the time (but it doesn't stop them from seeing you easily) so the Shockwave's X-ray visor will reveal where everyone is waiting.

There's a few paths leading out of the clearing up to the village where dataDyne's set up shop, but you'll want to take the path way over near the waterfall on the left (stop to look at the pretty falls before moving on). Creep through the path with either your threat detector goggles or the Shockwave's X-ray visor on.

Disable spiderbot sensors (Support - SA, PA)

On Secret and Perfect Agent you'll have to deal with a new form of those pesky spiderbots, these ones detect sound and won't stop racing after you upon being rudely awakened. Oh and they're completely protected against your attacks, so you don't want to wake them up. Listen to Carrington's bit about shutting them down before moving ahead. Up ahead you'll find a small clearing with a single guard working on a tall cylindrical object with a few motionless spiderbots scattered around.

Sneak up behind and whack him one in the back, make sure he doesn't see you and fire his gun as it'll wake up the spiderbots. If you've got the Demokit handy, wire up a charge on the sensor unit to shut down the spiderbots around you. With this first unit out there's a second and final unit far off from here, but if you hack the unit with the good old Datathief you'll shut down both units at the same time and complete the objective already.

Move on through the next path to find a large open-air village of a group of large huts. Flip on the X-ray visor and you'll see an army of soldiers crawling all over the area. There's two M60 turrets setup on the structures, and multiple MagSec-wielding soldiers standing on the rooftops - stay back for the grenades they throw. From way back at the entrance of the area use the Shockwave and pick off targets above in range. On Perfect Agent helmeted soldiers will take two shots to bring down, but make sure you don't waste any shots. Watch out for P90-wielding soldiers storming you from the small staircase inside a hut directly ahead, stay back and switch to your MagSec and threat detector for these goons.

With the left side of the area clear, creep around and look for targets beyond the large statue on the right. Pick off any remaining soldiers in view, don't worry about the other X-ray visible ones as they're hiding inside the huts. There's one soldier standing beside a red oil barrel, teach him why he shouldn't be standing there.

From here you'll need to reach the large stone hut over out the back to move forward. There's a few ways to enter the village above. Over on the right you'll find a wooden ramp leading up, but it's under watch from soldiers inside the huts, so you're better off climbing up one of the two stone staircases directly ahead where you entered the area from.

Climb up into the village and check where the soldiers are with the X-ray visor, as there may be one hiding in a room nearby. Run inside and quickly disarm him before sending a few punches his way to save ammo. Here's a neat trick, when you're standing outside a hut where a soldier hides, try shooting magnetised rounds with the MagSec (Right Bumper) at the walls inside. You'll be surprised how many of your shots actually hit him.

Watch out for all the remaining soldiers hiding in huts, some may have a clear line of sight on you from up here. Deal with them all and have a look around, in one hut you'll find three Magnums and a few Combat Shields, in another you'll see a bunch of P90s, MagSecs and Grenades. Grab some MagSec ammo and move up to the stone hut at the back of the village.

Deal with the lone soldier in there first. See the ladder on the left? There's a lone soldier hiding up above waiting for you. Either send a few magnetised MagSec rounds up there to lure him over to the trapdoor or grab a Grenade from one of the huts below and hurl it up there to deal with him. Climb up when he's down and check for another soldier hiding in the hut beyond. Knock him over and grab the Armor vest in the corner behind the crates before leaving.

Exit the hut and move on through the narrow canyon beyond. You'll find yourself at the head of a large lake, take cover behind the ancient statue head nearby. Switch on your threat detector, there's three soldiers guarding the lake ahead. Creep around the statue head and go for headshots; these guys aren't wearing helmets. With all three down move on around the corner (if you only saw two soldiers the third will be over by the lakeside exit ahead).

Rescue dropship pilot (Support)

As you pass through the main lake area Carrington will chime in and report that Eagle Two's pilot survived the crash of his dropship and is now in dataDyne's hands, so you'll need to rescue him on the way through the jungle. At the edge of the lake you'll see two exits, the left opening passes through a small canyon waterfall, while the other moves on directly to the next area. Both paths lead to the same location, but you should take the waterfall path for a better vantage point.

Stay back and pick off the P90-wielding soldiers at the base of the waterfall, and watch out for a lone or partnered MagSec-wielding soldier way up above the waterfall. Use the Shockwave's X-ray visor again to pinpoint their locations. With the waterfall clear move on through the canyon. You'll find a dense shallow lake beyond with a simple bamboo-built bridge winding through the underbrush. There's at least five soldiers positioned around here, but they're extremely hard to spot with the threat detector, so use the X-ray visor.

Pick off the first soldier with your MagSec, then creep around the left and deal with the one on the right. Further on there's two more soldiers atop the bamboo bridge, drop down into the lake and hide behind the large statue head for cover. Line up a headshot sight with the Shockwave's X-ray visor, then switch to the MagSec and creep out. Switching on your threat detector won't do much, but if you're lined up properly just fire off a single shot. If you're having trouble aiming use the Shockwave, but don't miss. With both targets down creep around the statue head and deal with the two remaining soldiers over at the edge of the shallow lake.

At this point now you're close to the captured CI pilot. Switch on the Shockwave's X-ray to see him, he's up on a ledge above with four guards babysitting. The path directly ahead will lead to the lower area of the dropship's crash site, so you'll need to take the path over on the right (follow the bamboo bridge to find it) to creep up behind the guards.

Leave your Shockwave Rifle here and backtrack to find someone's dropped P90, you'll need it against the CI pilot's guards. Return here and grab a few dropped DWs for extra ammo. Take the right path at the edge of the shallow lake and follow it up to the group, creep around the statue head once you're close and grab their attention. Run back and get ready to open up when they run around the corner. Stay well back as one carries a MagSec and won't hesitate to throw grenades. Watch out for the group's leader, a heavily armoured soldier carrying an M60. Move up and deal with the remaining two P90-wielding guards to secure the pilot's rescue.

Even though you've now completed this objective, you'll need to keep the pilot alive to keep it that way. Leave your P90 up here and go back for the Shockwave Rifle. Return up to the ledge and look ahead down at the dropship's crash site. The path from here leads on to the crash site but there's a few soldiers stationed around, some will throw grenades at you and the pilot can't survive much. So you'll need to stay up here and watch for them wandering around down below. Pick off each target with the Shockwave as they wander into view, once they stop appearing look over to the left to see how many are left stationed near the entrance of the crash site.

Mark their positions and grab your P90 again. Enter the crash site and storm the remaining soldiers quickly, using the threat detector for guidance. With the area clear you'll be safe to move on past the ruins of Eagle Two. Up ahead among the crumbling ruins dataDyne's setup a perimeter of landmines all around the area. You can easily spot them with the threat detector, so don't go stepping all over them. The second and final spiderbot sensor unit is hidden on the other side of the main large crumbling structure, if you have the Demokit and still need to disable it don't shoot any mines yet.

Shooting the mines will soften your path through this area, but if the spiderbots hanging around are still active you'd best not go shooting anything just yet. See the two massive stone statues near the beginning of the land mine area? Creep past the left one on the left side and slowly move through the side of the crumbling ruins. There should be enough room there to creep around the mines without setting any off. Sneak around to the spiderbot sensor and plant a charge on it to shut the little crawlers down for good. With that clear feel free to make fireworks with the mines.

Your CI buddy might not follow you through the minefield, all the better for him if he doesn't. Keep your P90 handy for the moment; up ahead beyond the next path is a rope bridge. On your side of the ravine you'll find a single unmanned Jetpac with around four or five soldiers surrounding it. Creep up to the corner without a weapon drawn and grab their attention. Run back as far as you can and spin around with P90 drawn. Fire at them as they run around the corner, watch out for any thrown grenades. If your CI buddy is with you make sure he stays well back.

Steal Jetpac (Primary - PA)

With the soldiers down, go back for your Shockwave. Return to the rope bridge and Carrington will mention that dataDyne's destroyed the central part of the bridge in Perfect Agent, cutting off your path. That single Jetpac is your only way over, but it's worth using on any difficulty setting. Don't run for it just yet, there's two Jetpacs hovering above the bridge over the ravine, and a single soldier guards the opposite side armed with a Hawk Boomerang. Switch on the Shockwave's X-ray visor to see the Jetpacs, on Perfect Agent they'll tear you to shreds if given the chance (and by now your health might be seriously lacking). Two shots each from the Shockwave is all it'll take to bring them down. Slowly creep around the rock wall and be ready to strike when they hover into range.

Shoot the first Jetpac anywhere on the craft, even hitting the tips of the wings will inflict enough damage. Score a second hit and take cover, you'll hear secondary explosions which eventually consume the vehicle. Knock over the soldier on the far side of the bridge and deal with the final Jetpac before emerging. Hold A to reorient the Jetpac if it's slumped over, then hit A while standing in front of it to jump on. Your CI pilot buddy will remain here so you're free to move on without him.

Grab the Hawk the soldier on the far side dropped if you haven't scored one yet. Fly over the huge ravine and follow the twisting path beyond. Beyond here is a twisting path leading to the main temple full of crumbling ruins and excavation gear, but its guarded by sentry patrols. You're a sitting duck when flying up in the air so keep to the ground for now. Keep your threat detector switched on to see your foes and open up on them quick as possible. Zoom with the Left Trigger for a clearer view as most enemies can hit you from a distance. Their shots will damage the Jetpac itself and not your own health until it's taken enough of a beating, so try to keep it in good condition.

Follow the path and deal with all opposition along the way (take in all the pretty scenery too, it's a gorgeous environment), eventually you'll leave the ruins behind and find a long low-canopy jungle path leading to the main temple courtyard. Jump off the Jetpac at the entrance of the stone tunnel and walk on forward to locate the temple dig site. That's a wrap for this leg of your jungle-swinging adventures.

Next Mission: Temple Surveillance

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