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Subway Retrieval

With Jack injured and a bruised Zeigler adamant to find his research documents, it'll be up to Joanna to track it down around an old hostile-filled subway station.

Mission Two
Default gadget:
Demokit (A)
Datathief (SA)
Loctopus (PA)
Other gadgets:
Garage keycard
Available weapons:
Falcon, P9P, UGL, Shotgun, DW-P5, Grenade

Infiltrate warehouse (Primary)

This mission throws you right into the action facing off against a bunch of rag-tag biker punks in an underground carpark. Try bringing along an RCP-90, P9P and Magnum (or a Grenade) to this mission, if you don't have the P90 yet a DW should do. The punks will immediately fan out around you, hiding among the pillars and parked cars while the ones out in the open advance on you. You can use the crates directly in front of you for cover, but the large hummer on your left gives you a great position to take out the punks from. Mow down any targets out in the open, and keep an eye on the others hiding around the pillars as there's explosive red fuel barrels stacked nearby.

Spot any punks lurking near the barrels, put a single shot into one to send them flying. Stay behind the hummer and be careful of any punks coming around behind it. Use the Cover move on the left side of the hummer, any remaining punks will most likely be hiding among the pillars lined up ahead. Wait for them to pop out before emerging, line up your sights while they're firing and go for headshots. With the last punk taken care of he'll drop a keycard you'll need to exit the carpark.

Grab all the dropped UGLs and keycard before walking up the ramp in the corner of the carpark. There you'll find the control switch for the garage door, either use the keycard or your Datathief to open the door. You can also use the Demokit on the wall adjacent the door as a shortcut leading to the warehouse.

Outside the carpark you'll find a large open area outside the warehouse with security cameras randomly positioned around. Just outside the carpark door, turn right ahead to find a long concourse with the entrance to the warehouse down the other end. Chandra will chime in with a warning of the security cameras, so use the Cover move at the end of the right wall when exiting the carpark.

From here you can see if the first camera is positioned directly ahead on the corner of a wall section. Shoot it down (or reprogram with the P90) if it's visible, otherwise wait for any patrolling goons to clear off before emerging. Peek around the corner of the wall towards the open-door garage on the left, taking out the camera when you spot it. From here you should see a large yellow mechanical loader machine parked inside the small garage and a goon with his back to you messing around with it.

The main entrance of the warehouse across the concourse has two main entry points - through the large metal door or through a normal door beside it. On Agent and Secret Agent you can simply walk up to the metal door to open it or enter via the small door next to it, but on Perfect Agent you'll need to persuade the goon beside the mechanical loader to send the machine into the warehouse (unless you've got the Datathief, in which case you can hack the loader yourself).

The normal door beside the large metal door is locked on Perfect Agent; you can unlock it with the Loctopus, but this lock's tricky. When rotating the thumbstick, the sweet spot might vibrate but try as you might you can't get the pin to open. Try tilting the stick slightly inward away from the edge of the joystick housing. If it's giving you too much trouble you'll need to persuade the goon to activate the loader for you. Holster your gun and make sure no other goons are patrolling around before you walk up to the goon beside the loader or they'll blow your cover.

Stand in front of him and he'll say something random to you, in which case you'll need to respond correctly to persuade him to activate the loader. Here's some possible scenarios and the correct answer to choose:

Choose the right option and he'll send the loader off inside the warehouse, which opens up the large metal door. The goon won't attack you now unless he sees any hardware, so whack him in the back to avoid trouble later on.

From inside the garage you'll have a good view of the warehouse entrance ahead. The P90's threat detector will pinpoint any security cameras, there should be one directly above the metal door the loader drove through and another randomly placed along the way. There's three ways to get to the warehouse entrance. One will see you walk down through the concourse, while the other two take more secretive paths. Through the passage leading back to the underground carpark you should spot a wooden crate sitting up against a wall in front of a metal grate.

Push the crate out of the way and whack the grate open to find a small tunnel leading over to an area congested with large cargo crates outside the warehouse. You can also blow through a weakened wall mentioned earlier in the carpark to reach the same area. If you find yourself lost just take the time to explore and get your bearings.

But on Perfect Agent you should take the main concourse route to clear out any opposition from safety. From inside the garage where the loader was, break out the P9P (and its silencer) and take out the camera above the warehouse door directly ahead. Watch for a goon doing the rounds outside and nail him in the head to avoid attracting attention. Keep an eye out for a second goon, he may be standing still up ahead with his back to you or lurking around the corner among the cargo crates ahead. Move through the concourse carefully, watching for the other camera. The camera's white light cone it sweeps about will give it away. Put a shot into it before it sees you and move on.

Take care at the end of the concourse, as a final camera is positioned either to your left or right. Find it and shut it down quickly. If you've avoided detection you should now be clear of any hostiles outside. On the right of the warehouse entrance lies a number of large cargo containers, look around them to find a DW-P5 hidden inside one.

When you're ready to enter the warehouse, use the Cover move on the right side of the entrance. From here you'll see a huge room inside housing Killian's personal transport and a long bridge leading to an indoor storage area. Using the P90's threat detector will reveal three goons in your view, one up atop the bridge and two more visible through the storage area's windows. Line up your sights and score headshots with the P9P against the latter two goons. If they open fire you'll have a score more goons come at you from the ground level, so hold your position and take them when they stop moving around (and stop firing stupidly at the wall) - use the Magnum if they come close enough.

Once a goon with two UGLs turns up they should stop appearing, with all your opposition down head inside the warehouse to complete this first objective. Killian takes off once you enter the warehouse, but you'll deal with him in due time.

Sabotage armory (Support)

Grab all the fallen weaponry and go through the door opposite the mechanical loader. Climb the stairs to the next level up and you'll find two doors. Go through the door nearest the stairs (the other leads back down to the concourse) and cross the bridge inside the warehouse to the storage rooms ahead. Drop your P90 on the bridge before going inside. In the same room where the two goons you dealt with were standing you'll find a few Grenades sitting atop a table. Pick one up and pull it out.

Exploring this area will lead you to a room full of Shotguns housed inside weapon lockers. Chandra will suggest that you give Killian's gang another surprise gift in blowing their weapons storage sky high.

The Demokit can be used in the Shotgun room, but throwing a Grenade in the mix also does the trick. The only catch is that you'll need to be anywhere but there when the explosion goes off. Mark where the doors are and make a break for it when you plant your explosive. With the weapons storage blown apart, hang on to a Grenade or two and go back for your P90.

Retrieve briefcase (Primary)

Now its time to finally go after Zeigler's briefcase. From inside the main room of the warehouse there's two ways to get to the safehouse where the briefcase waits, either through the small metal garage door near the weapons storage or through a locked door at the foot of the stairs leading up to the bridge (you'll need the Loctopus for the locked door). Both exits will lead you to a back alley containing the safehouse.

Whichever way you go, take up a cover position at the alley as a single goon patrols the street. If he sees you a horde of his buddies will pour out of the safehouse, so it's best to be ready for them. At least one will have a UGL and another a Shotgun, so try to nail them if they stay inside the building while taking shots at you. Wait for the noise to stop and make sure all the goons are out of the fight.

Just before the safehouse entrance you'll see the opening of a stairway leading down to the subway, you'll be going through there in a moment. The locked door next to the subway entrance gives you a shortcut to the safe containing the briefcase, but it's locked. Open it in Perfect Agent and blast the goon directly opposite the door holding the Shotgun before he fires. If he runs off he'll move around to the entrance of the safehouse, be ready for him there. Inside the safehouse you'll find the large safe on the ground floor.

There's a few ways to get in depending on your equipment. The Datathief can hack the keypad next to the door, and the Demokit can blow an opening through the cracked wall. If you don't have either gadgets, go upstairs (grab the Armor vest in the first room on the right) and through to the second room filled with filing cabinets. One of them contains the safe code, keep opening them up to find the right one. With the code in hand return to the safe and open the door. Go inside to find Zeigler's briefcase waiting for you on the shelf.

Meet up at evac point (Primary)

The rest of the mission couldn't be simpler - get to the extraction point through the subway. Only problem is the remainder of Killian's goons and their black-tie buddies standing in your way. Exit the safehouse and go through to the subway entrance. The gate will now be open so head on down. At the base of the stairs you'll see a few phone boxes along the wall with a goon using the one on the far right. Listen to what he says, he's talking to Killian and doesn't sound too happy with having to work alongside the authorities (which turn out to be dataDyne agents originally out to get Zeigler).

On Secret and Perfect Agent you'll have a chance to turn the two groups against each other, taking some of the weight off yourself. Whack the goon in the back and take up cover on the corner ahead. You'll see two more UGL-armed goons down the corridor. Pick them off from here, just watch out if one of them throws a booby-trapped UGL at you. Take them out and move on. Around the next corner you'll find a locked gate with two padlocks. Whack or shoot both of them off to proceed.

Divert enemies (Support - SA, PA)

Descend the stairs (turn around and look at them at the base to see some nifty eye candy). At this point you'll be on a balcony overlooking a large room filled with Killian's goons and the dataDyne agents. A picture-in-picture of one of Killian's goons will appear and Chandra will ask if you can take one of them out without being seen. If you can, the two groups will turn on one-another.

Pull out the P9P and make sure the silencer's attached. Stay up against the left wall and crouch as you walk down to the other end. Stand diagonally behind the pillar in the corner of the balcony and look down below. Straight ahead you should see one of Killian's goons standing inside a small room. Use the P90's threat detector to make sure no other enemies are in your direct line of sight before scoring a headshot on the goon with the P9P.

If it works, a fight will break out between your enemies. If it's too hard, a much easier alternative to score the diversion is to simply hurl a Grenade down below from atop the balcony - as long as it lands near someone and no-one sees you in the act it should do the trick. If someone spots you before creating the diversion they'll all turn on you. Either way, stay up here behind one of the concrete barricades watching for enemies coming up the ramp ahead. Try to pick off any remaining foes from up on the balcony, and try to score headshots as the dataDyne agents wear body armor. Also watch out for their DWs, they're alot more accurate than Killian's UGL-wielding goons. Clear the area and head down to the ground floor.

From here you can take one of two paths leading to another stairwell descending down into the belly of the subway station. At the base of the stairs you'll find the wreck of an abandoned train. All the way down the end of the subway is your exit, but there's a number of dataDyne agents you'll have to deal with first. An unarmored agent with two P9Ps waits at the base of the stairs off to the left, try to catch him by surprise with a well-aimed headshot, or use the Magnum up close. Combat roll back up the stairs whenever someone fires at you from inside the train.

Watch out for more agents coming at you from inside the train, take up cover behind the concrete barricade and pick them off from there. Look down inside the twisting remains of the train, you might be able to see more agents from here. Once everything looks clear go inside the train and crouch down as you walk through it. More agents - some with helmets - will storm down the train towards you, use the mangled carriages for cover. Try using the Magnum in these close-quarters if you're feeling your aim is up to it. At the end of the wreck you'll see an open door outside the train on the right leading out of the subway tunnel.

Watch out for a remaining dual-P9P-wielding agent outside the train before emerging. Look up above the train at the ruined balcony, two more agents will eventually appear there. Take up cover inside the train or over on the subway's wall recesses while attacking them. With the balcony cleared, walk over to the open door and use the Cover move on the right side. Just inside the small room are three agents waiting for you, headshot the first visible one, then quickly move to the left side of the door. Pick off the other two as they try to emerge before entering.

Grab their fallen weapons and have a full clip ready in an SMG before going through the next door. Beyond is a narrow staircase with most likely one DW-wielding agent and another with a helmet and P9P. Don't get caught in their fire as the narrow confines won't be kind to your health. Spray them quickly and head up the stairs.

You'll find yourself on the ruined balcony overlooking the train, keep your sights on the opposite door for any remaining agents rushing up. When it looks clear go forward and down the next flight of stairs. Emerge carefully into the subway as a final agent with two P9Ps might be waiting in ambush. From here on you're all clear, walk over to the elevator entrance ahead at the end of the subway tunnel to clear the mission.

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