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Arena Showdown

Surviving the main dataDyne attack force, Joanna's path finally crosses Zhang Li's for the ultimate one-on-one. Zhang Li's powered up the Graal, gaining superhuman powers and a wacky appearance in the process. If Joanna can't stop the crazed dataDyne leader, no-one can.

Mission Thirteen
Default gadget:
Other gadgets:
Available weapons:
Viblade, RCP-90

Kill Zhang Li (Primary)

Just one objective? Things couldn't be easier if it wasn't for Zhang Li's trippy alien powers. You'll be stuck in the central dais throughout the course of the battle with no cover, thankfully it's not too hard to dodge his projectiles. Zhang Li himself will mostly spend his time madly super-jumping his way around the floating stone ruins surrounding the dais, make sure you keep him in view at all times to see what he's up to (and don't get distracted by the majestic views below).

Ammo and accuracy is everything here, as you won't get much of a chance to replenish your stock. Bring along any SMG or rifle with zoom capabilities and a MagSec. The SuperDragon and MagSec's strong zoom are right at home here, as you'll be surprised just how far away your target is. He'll keep jumping around the ruins around you, eventually if he lands and remains motionless he'll unleash two deadly heated plasma blasts straight at you, watch for them and Combat roll to easily avoid. They're as bad as Plasma Rifle blasts so you want to be anywhere but where they hit. He shoots only one in Agent, two in Secret Agent and a few double rounds on Perfect.

If the crazy goon lands beside one of the massive stone pillars and proceeds to pick it up with his bare hands - run or Combat roll clear. He'll hurl the massive column straight over at you, this is one obstacle you need to avoid. But now to deal with this megalomaniac. Don't shoot at him when he's running around, wait for him to stand still. Go for headshots and don't waste your ammo.

Among dancing around the ruins raining plasma and throwing columns at you, if you've inflicted enough damage he'll magically summon a number of soldiers from down at the temple ruins below. But instead of using them to attack you, they'll appear around him and spin around before he drains their life force to replenish his own health. Stop him by sending a round into his face.

Dealing out enough damage will eventually summon Zhang Li down to the dais (on Secret and Perfect Agent). He'll whip out his Viblade and activate the deflecting shield. Back away from him as he runs at you, once the shield runs out he'll take swipes at you with the blade. Eventually he'll leap off the dais and return to his floating debris.

You'll need to keep attacking him to draw him back to the dais, also keep an eye out for a P90 appearing somewhere on the ground when he summons soldiers. But now for the real trick. Normally you can keep harassing him with your weapons to finish the sucker, but using the Viblade seals his fate quickly.

When he joins you on the dais and raises the Viblade shield, Combat roll away from him as he runs at you. If you were close enough to him (which shouldn't be too hard to be) oddly enough he'll trip over and drop his Viblade. Very quickly run up to him and grab it before he gets up. Pull it out and proceed to hack the psycho apart. He'll use his fists on you, but if you're quick enough he'll go down without a fight. Even on Perfect Agent it only takes a few strikes to bring him down.

If you don't manage to stop him he'll jump away and steal his Viblade back from you. You can trip him over and steal his Viblade the first time he joins you on the dais, so the battle can be over in minutes. Also keep in mind that you can always bring along your own Viblade to stage your own duel, but of course it's easier to trip him up first. Just keep your shots focused when he ceases running around and use that Combat roll to death to avoid his attacks easily.

Finish the sucker off and watch him shoot into the air before the final cutscene rolls to herald Joanna and the Carrington Institute's first victory against dataDyne. Even with no aliens present, the CI can finally put the mystery of the Graal (and those incessant glyphs) to rest.

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