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River Extraction

With Jack safely rescued, the two must make a mad dash for freedom from dataDyne's facility via twisting mountain riverbeds.

Mission Six
Default gadget:
Demokit (A)
Loctopus (SA)
Datathief (PA)
Other gadgets:
Available weapons:
P9P, MagSec, DY357, DW-P5, KSI-74, M60, Rocket Launcher

Escape to airbase (Primary)

With Jack back in his element, it's time for the two of you to turn this place into a bad memory. You'll start off in the brig where the previous mission left off. Mai Hem's summoned pretty much the entire installation's personnel down on you, so you'll be gunning right from the start. As soon as you begin quickly climb up the staircase in the center of the room and man the M60 turret at the top. Point it at the exit ahead and zoom in. Greet the guards rushing into the brig with some well-aimed fire, just make sure you don't hit Jack (even though in his state he can take more punishment than all the healthy soldiers running around).

Wait for the enemies to stop appearing before hopping off. Make your way up to the door but tread lightly as the guard tower in the containment area beyond is riddled with KSI-wielding soldiers bearing down on you. Take cover beside the door and watch where the three soldiers pop up from behind their barricades. Line up your sights and wait for a break in the fire before taking shots at them. If you're feeling lucky you can always make a mad dash for the M60 turret outside the brig (if Jack hasn't already of course).

Don't worry about Jack, he can take care of himself - and if you're lucky he'll take out a few of your opponents. Once the tower's clear, exit the brig and carefully cross the bridge to the tower. If there's any remaining guards they'll be over by the door across the tower, take cover and clear them off (or use the other M60 turret at the end of the bridge). Watch out for a final guard standing in the doorway.

Sabotage bridge (Primary - PA)

Reach the tower and Chandra will chime in; on Perfect Agent the bridge leading across to the firing range and your exit is raised. There's two ways to open the path, either put a number of well-aimed shots into the small control terminal beside the bridge on the other side, or hack the switch up in the control tower with your Datathief to lower the bridge. You can also raise the other bridge to stop reinforcements ambushing you from behind by sending a few shots into the control terminal (if you're curious you can still head down to the bottom of the containment area but the door leading back into the lab is well and truly sealed).

With your passage open to the firing range carefully walk up to the door and get ready to take cover. A few soldiers and the ladies wielding Magnums storm out of the room, get close and Jack will help take off some of the load. If you've got any explosives now's the time to use them in the narrow confines beyond the door. Clear out the welcoming committee and head inside. Around the corner you'll find a small armory with a range of M60s inside weapon lockers, grab some if you feel like it.

Beyond here you'll locate the firing range - a long corridor heading off down the left. Your exit is dead ahead on the cracked wall, either Jack will wire up the Demokit if you don't have it, otherwise you'll have to do the job if you're carrying it. Jack will cover your back while you wire up the charge, otherwise if he's doing it watch the entrance of the firing range and keep an eye out for soldiers storming the room from way down the far end.

Stand back when the wall blows, beyond is your ticket out of here. Outside a huge motor pool awaits with huge Hovercraft hangars and an entire platoon of soldiers stationed around. You'll need to first clear out all your opposition and then manually open the gate down the far end of the area. Stay inside the firing range for now and clear off any remaining enemies, if Jack runs outside let him go; he'll run to the right where a large hangar housing a single Hovercraft lies. Soldiers are everywhere, all along the balconies surrounding the area and above the hangars. So you'll need to take it slow to avoid the universe shooting at you.

From inside the firing range watch the stairs directly ahead atop the hangar, a few soldiers should come running down towards you. Take them from this position, the SuperDragon should be handy here (plus all the soldiers carry KSIs which contain rifle ammo). If they don't appear, creep outside and watch for a number of soldiers running towards Jack over on the right, take them out from here then head back inside. When it's clear emerge carefully and keep an eye out for a single visible M60 turret positioned at the edge of the hangar.

Look over at the tall tree on the right, zoom in and slowly move left. Eventually you'll spot another M60 turret directly above Jack, take it out from here. Run over to the large steel crates for cover and watch for enemies way over on the opposite balconies. Creep up the staircase to the top of the hangar, look over to above Jack's hangar and take out the single soldier there.

Atop the hangar watch out for another M60 turret atop the next-door hangar, take him out before he sees you. You can try to make a break for the M60 turret nearby but it's best to take out a few more guards before drawing their fire out in the open. Look for foes directly opposite the hangar you're on top of, deal with any you see. Use a MagSec or the SuperDragon for their superior zoom.

Incapacitate Hovercraft (Support)

Chandra will now want you to set up some fireworks and destroy the three Hovercraft parked below before leaving the motor pool. Don't deal with them just yet, clear out the enemies in view first. From the top of the hangar you should have a good clean view of all the remaining guards in the area. Take out the M60 turret way over beside the main gate and clear off any remaining guards around the gate. Sweep around the motor pool and deal with any remaining dual-MagSec wielding guards positioned inside the small bunkers.

Oddly enough some of the lone guards in the bunkers might not have seen you yet, score a few headshots on them as they're wearing helmets. Any remaining guards will be on the ground - watch out as they might climb up the stairs to engage you. Once the noise stops you can emerge from cover.

Your ticket out of here is the lone Hovercraft parked over in a nearby hangar, Jack should be standing beside it by now. On Agent you've already got a Rocket Launcher setup on the gunner position rather than a meager M60, but on Secret and Perfect Agent you'll need to retrieve the weapon from the gun turret way over in the corner beside the gate. Scope out the turret from as far away as possible as there's a guard either manning it or standing nearby, you don't want him to send rockets after you.

Before heading across to open the gate and grab the Rocket Launcher (if you need to), get down on the ground between the two hangars. There's two remaining ladies inside the open one wielding Magnums, take them quickly or from afar to reduce their accuracy. With both down start taking shots at each Hovercraft, once they begin sparking stop firing and they'll eventually explode. You can also plant Demokits on each one if you want, or alternatively the Loctopus will allow you to seal the hangar door via the lock pin on the outside (seal the ladies in as well without them seeing you). Seal them in or destroy all three to complete this objective.

Steal Rocket Launcher (Support - SA, PA)

Now you're free to open up the gate. Across from Jack's Hovercraft you'll see a tall inset tower, inside is the release valve. If you've got the Loctopus, you can also unlock the lock pin at the base of the tower to open the gate up. Climb up and grab the Rocket Launcher from the turret in the corner if you're playing on Secret or Perfect Agent (leave your weapons beside Jack before retrieving it for convenience), and snag the Armor vest inside the guard tower bunker if you need it. Open up the gate before returning to Jack.

Return to Jack by the Hovercraft and load up the Rocket Launcher if you need to. Jack will man the turret, so you get to take this thing for a spin. Pick up your weapons and hop in the driver's seat. Reverse out of the hangar and spin around, you've got a slight snag before leaving the motor pool. The hangar beside the one housing the three Hovercraft will be opening by now, there's around seven or eight guards hiding inside. Bring them in range for Jack to pick off, or just throw the Hovercraft's weight around and slam into them.

Power down radar (Primary)

With the area finally clear, steer over to the water and head on through the open gate (you'll notice the Hovercraft reaches top speed while it's on water). Follow the river through the cavern to find the first of three massive lakeside areas. Chandra will pipe in explaining that before you make a break for the helipad beyond you'll need to shut down two radar towers (one on Agent and Secret Agent) to cover your escape. They're each powered by a number of tall power nodes scattered around, Jack will need to destroy each one to shut the radio tower down.

First things first, watch out for an intercepting Hovercraft, it only has an M60 turret so Jack should take care of it easily. Keep your own vehicle moving at all times to make yourself a harder target. The large building ahead in the center of this area houses the first radio tower, get close and Jack will open fire on the power nodes. Keep watch on your radar, the yellow dots represent each node. Usually it takes two rockets to blow a node.

Now on Perfect Agent you'll need to power down two radio towers instead of one, but the Datathief can drastically reduce the effort needed to clear this mission. See the tall tower at the end of the dock? Park the Hovercraft atop the dock and go inside, in a corner you'll see a small control terminal. Hack this thing to shut down both radars, leaving you clear to head to the helipad without having to destroy all the power nodes. Otherwise stay in the Hovercraft and keep focusing on destroying each one. There's a whole bunch of guards positioned all over the building, they'll be difficult to see so let Jack take shots at them or run over any on the ground nearby.

Finish all the power nodes to shut the tower down, leaving you clear to move onwards. Take the time to explore around a bit though, there's plenty of pretty scenery here. Once you're ready head to the top left corner of the area and follow the tunnel through to the next area. You'll enter a canyon with a bridge covered with guards, don't mess around and just drive straight through. Ahead you'll discover a massive lake with two huge forts on either end of a long stone bridge. Once again both forts are covered with guards shooting at you so keep your distance for now.

There's two openings under the bridge to drive through but the water's covered with sea mines, you don't want to go near those things. This entire area has barricades blocking access to open areas, but there's a small gap in their defenses over on the left end of the lake. Drive on through if the radio towers are down, otherwise if you still need to power down the second radar tower take the tunnel leading off in the corner (the tunnel's sealed on Agent and Secret Agent).

Follow the river to find the second radio tower emplacement. Above this area you'll find mountain paths interconnecting this area with the main open lake you just left, but it won't be necessary to explore (only go up there if you're feeling adventurous).

Get closer to the building to let Jack start taking shots at the power nodes, keep moving to avoid all the guard's fire. Around the corner of the building near the tower you'll find a lone Hovercraft resting there, if by now your's is starting to show a little wear and tear with sparks flying, clear off the enemies and switch vehicles (don't forget the Rocket Launcher). If you're ever worried the Hovercraft's about to blow park it far away from the building and pick off the guards with the MagSec or SuperDragon. Shut down this second and final radio tower to complete this objective.

Now it's time to bid farewell to this part of the world. Leave the area and head back to the main lake, your path to the helipad is now open. Once there, squeeze through the gap on the left side to avoid the sea mines and barricades. Move through and ignore all the guards firing at you from the fort. Once on the other side of the lake another Hovercraft will appear from your left, let Jack take care of it before heading toward its origin. Beyond you'll find a tunnel leading away from the lake, follow it through to locate the huge helipad beyond, completing your mission.

Next Mission: Trinity Infiltration

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