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Trinity Infiltration

Jack's gone, but Joanna's mission is far from over. Alone with only Chandra looking out for her, Joanna's next stop is far out in the Pacific Ocean aboard one of dataDyne's oceanic research facilities. It's time to follow up Zeigler's lead of tracking down a scientist with the familiar name of Dr. Caroll.

Mission Seven
Default gadget:
Datathief (A)
Loctopus (SA)
Demokit (PA)
Other gadgets:
X-ray goggles
Available weapons:
P9P, MagSec, DY357, Psychosis Gun, CMP-150, Laptop Gun, Jackal, Hawk Boomerang, Combat Shield

Eliminate "The Brothers" (Primary)

Joanna's just lost her father, infiltrated a highly secure oceanic dataDyne facility in search of Zeigler's scientist buddy, and she has to face off against two wild-western flick-loving goons still stuck in colonial times? Meet Brother Virgil and Brother Clay, the game doesn't tell you who these guys are apart from their call sign "The Brothers." They claim they're after a bounty on Joanna's head, so you'll need to teach them a trick or two before gaining access to the rest of the facility. They both carry Laptops so you'll need to find cover fast.

As soon as you gain control you'll be standing on a platform separated by the one they both occupy ahead. The platform's littered with wooden crates, many of them contain CMP-150s. But they won't give you much in terms of cover, so quickly turn around and either duck behind the row of metal crates behind you, or take cover in the large recesses along the walls. Use the Cover move and watch the two goons run around to see where they hide. For the start of this mission you'll find the MagSec, RCP-90 and Magnum will work extremely well against these foes.

Whip out the MagSec and line up your sights on one of the Brothers. Wait for him to appear and score a number of headshots, just be ready to duck back in if they both fire at you at the same time. The harder your difficulty setting the more shots they can take, you'll need around five to ten headshots to knock them over.

As you dish out the pain keep a close eye on the gun your target's using, as they have a tendency to throw their Laptop over to the wall on the side as a sentry turret. The gun can easily hit you if you're hiding behind the metal crates (but not the wall), but instead of destroying it pull out the RCP-90 and reprogram the turret. It'll stop firing at you and if you're lucky it'll open up on the Brother who originally threw it up there (good old P90). Watch out for the Magnums they break out if they send their Laptops flying.

With one of the Brothers down focus all your attacks on the final target and keep an eye out just in case he throws his Laptop to the other wall. Stick with the MagSec to save ammo and only aim for headshots, you should finish off the final bounty hunter in no time. With that slightly unusual departure from the norm out of the way the massive hangar door ahead will creak open and a bridge will extend to close the gap between the platforms; opening your way up to access the facility.

Infiltrate facility (Primary - PA)

Beyond the hangar door you'll see the main rocket assembly of the facility (it should all look familiar from Datacore Demolition). See the staircase on the left side of the hangar door leading up to a smaller door? A couple of security guards will wander out from there, funnily enough if you managed to reprogram one of the Brother's Laptop turrets it'll open up on the guards as they stroll through the door. There's four guards hiding up there, some might stroll outside while the others remain inside.

You might actually prefer to not have any Laptop sentry turrets firing at them - stay hidden and watch as they head down to ground level. The guards will spot the Brothers and comment on their failure - right before conveniently revealing the location of Dr. Caroll. If you catch his location from them you'll automatically complete the Pinpoint Dr. Caroll support objective. Deal with all the guards before moving on.

Now if you're playing on Agent or Secret Agent you can already head outside to the rocket assembly and head for the main elevator over on the left platform, but there's two or three snipers waiting outside over at the two large structures at either ends of the platforms beside the rocket and they sure know how to use their Jackal's scope.

On Perfect Agent the door leading to the elevator's sealed and the only way to open it is by accessing a switch up in the observatory control tower. Before you move on, look at the weapon lockers lining the walls on the platform you were standing on when fighting the Brothers. One of them houses a pair of X-ray goggles, do yourself a favour and don't move on without them.

Flip the goggles on and you'll be able to see the guards hiding in the room above the staircase, you can also just barely see the snipers out around the rocket assembly if you stand in front of a plain textured object (so you can see their tiny white skeletons). The goggles will also allow you to see all the CMP-150s hidden inside the wooden crates scattered around, you'll also find a Hawk Boomerang inside a crate near the center of the platform, pick it up and keep it for the rest of the mission if you haven't scored one yet.

When you're ready climb up the staircase and enter the room above the hangar. Use the goggles to see where the two guards hiding inside are and quickly ambush them both. Jump in the lift you'll find inside and ride it up to the observatory. Exit the lift and enter the room, flip on the X-ray goggles to see three technicians lounging around in the control room adjacent.

Take out one of them with a headshot and be ready for the other two. Stay inside the small room and only enter the observatory room when it's clear. With the X-ray goggles on, if you've got the Magnum wait for two more guards to run up the ramps and line up with the door, you can send shots clean through it with the Magnum. Inside the observatory below you'll see a balcony outside overlooking the rocket assembly, watch out for a potential sniper camped outside.

See the weapons locker over on the wall? Drop your weapons and grab one of the Jackals contained inside. Flip on the X-ray goggles again and from here track where the snipers are down below; there could be one standing at the top (or bottom) of either towering structures left and right of the rocket assembly. Drop them both with the Jackal and make sure they don't see you (you shouldn't have to go out onto the balcony to get a clear shot). Watch out for a third sniper standing on the ground near one of the two structures, with him down you'll be clear.

Drop the Jackal and pick up your weapons before moving on. Now the large control terminal in the center of the room will unlock the door way down below, but you'll need to get down there within 60 seconds before it reseals itself. Put your weapons away and hit the switch. Run downstairs and out to the left side of the balcony. In the corner's a zipline, jump on to ride it all the way down to the ground (don't look down). Once there quickly dash for the door ahead to successfully infiltrate the facility before the door seals shut again.

Alternatively, on Perfect Agent you'll have the Demokit by default. You can sneak around the corner of the door on the outside and blow open the cracked wall there to gain access (although it's still handy to head up to the observatory to deal with the snipers).

The locked weapons crate near the elevator inside houses a single Psychosis Gun, pick it up if you've got the Loctopus and are feeling like messing with the guards below. Jump in the elevator and ride it down to the subterranean fortress of the facility.

Manipulate personnel (Support - SA, PA)

Your primary purpose here is to track down Dr. Caroll, but on Secret and Perfect Agent you'll need to find control terminals to convince the "Father" AI to evacuate scientists to safety. For lack of a better term, this facility is ridiculously massive. Depending on your difficulty setting and randomness itself you'll be doing things a little differently each time. Also keep listening to all of the dataDyne endorsing voice-overs and Father's ramblings for some slightly interesting and humourous dialogue.

When you land at the bottom of the elevator shaft there's two guards chatting right outside on the right. They won't see you, but if another guard walks in from the corridor on the right he'll alert them. You can avoid engaging them by quickly jumping out and heading left (which is probably your best bet to avoid more guards attacking). But if you want, stay in the elevator and pick them off when they see you and run in front, or use the Psychosis Gun's secondary fire to confuse them into shooting each other (heeheehee). Keep the X-ray goggles on to see if more guards are running through the corridors to attack. With the area clear you can safely move on.

Now here's a quick overview of the layout of this place. Throughout the facility there's two huge hangars, and three main lab areas where scientists hang out. You'll need to visit a random number of the lab areas and manipulate the AI to evacuate the scientists inhabiting each one (the number of which ones you visit changes every time). So on Secret Agent you could end up having to evacuate all three areas, while on Perfect Agent you might only need one evacuated - it's completely random.

Both hangars lie in either direction from your current position. Head left from the main elevator quickly and you'll find another elevator taking you up to the floor above. Beyond this elevator is the Satellite Assembly hangar (you'll find the names of each area on the rotating holograms on the doors), that's the way you need to go to find Dr. Caroll's lab. If the doors on both floors are locked with red light indicators, you'll unfortunately need to backtrack and page Dr. Caroll from the other hangar.

For now ride up the second elevator you found and work your way back in the direction of the initial elevator's shaft (away from the hangar) to find the R&R (rest & relaxation) area. Watch out for any more guards wandering the corridors, use the X-ray goggles to see them in advance. Directly opposite the door leading inside R&R you'll find a small terminal with an outside undersea view. Activate the terminal to summon the Father AI.

Listen very carefully to what it says, as it's very hard to tell what response to give based on the question and tone of voice. Give the responses below based on exactly what Father says:

Oddly enough it'll say the same thing at every terminal (mostly), so just give the correct response each time you reach a lab area. Use the X-ray goggles to see the scientists running outside, stay hidden to avoid scaring them. If any of the scientists see you they might trigger an alarm and you'll have Combat Shield-wielding security forces appearing all over the facility, disable the alarm and either disarm them or shoot at their feet to inflict damage.

Pinpoint Dr. Caroll (Support)

Sometimes evacuating one lab is all it takes to complete the objective. Otherwise you'll need to find the other two labs and empty out the scientists from either one or both of them. In summary, Dr. Caroll will be in either the Bio Habitats lab or the Archaeology lab - it'll be random every time you play the mission. Alternatively you can page him to send him directly to either lab so you know where he'll be. If you've already overheard his location from the guards right after defeating The Brothers then you'll have already completed this objective and should know where he is based on the guards' conversation.

Now if the Satellite Assembly hangar was unlocked head back towards it, otherwise you'll need to enter the Submersible Hangar to page Dr. Caroll from there (normally when one of the hangars is randomly locked the other is open). If the second floor door is locked go back to the ground floor to find the door open - but it'll make your life a lot easier to enter the Submersible Hangar via the second floor.

Inside the Submersible Hangar's a nasty sight, over in roughly the center of the room you'll witness ten Laptop-wielding soldiers doing drills with their commanding officer. You do not under any circumstances want to alert this group of knuckleheads. Either from the ground floor or second floor, watch for a single guard walking up and down nearby on the right as you enter the room. Sneak up and whack him in the back quickly. Crouch down and creep along the balcony to the other end of the room. There's two guards standing down the far end, if you stay slow and stick to the wall you should be able to sneak by.

Watch for another guard as he wanders up and down the ramps ahead at the far end of the hangar, knock him out and quickly ascend to the top floor. There's a couple more guards up here beyond in the corridor leading out of the hangar, quickly go inside and deal with them, hopefully avoiding alerting the platoon of soldiers below in the hangar.

Right across from the door leading out of the hangar are two desk workstations. Look closely at the left one, you'll see a black terminal with what looks like a microphone on it beside the laptop. Activate it to page Dr. Caroll. Keep in mind that you can also page Dr. Caroll from the microphone terminals way over in the Satellite Assembly hangar as well - paging him from these terminals will summon him to Archaeology, which is right outside his own lab. Sometimes he can already be waiting there without you having to page him, but this way you'll know he's there for sure.

If you have the Datathief you can also hack one of the many blue terminals near the elevators earlier to page him - but this will summon him to Bio Habitats, the furthest lab from his own.

Escort Dr. Caroll to lab (Primary)

The Bio Habitat lies behind the Submersible Hangar beyond, evacuate the scientists from there (only if you need to) before leaving. Sometimes Dr. Caroll will be there as well without you having to page him, so you'll need to go inside and meet him there. But it's worth paging him back in the hangar to send him straight to Archaeology so you don't have to drag him throughout the facility. Either way, once you're done here return to the R&R area via the top floor of the Submersible Hangar (the door should be unlocked). Make your way through to the Satellite Assembly hangar, going through via the top floor should make your job easier.

Once inside the hangar you'll find a mess of security cameras positioned all over the area. This is where the RCP-90 again shines, as you can easily spot the cameras with the threat detector and disable them with a quick reprogram. If you've found Dr. Caroll in the Bio Habitat area he'll be following you by now so make sure you don't lose him by getting too far ahead. If you're on the ground floor of the hangar you'll have more cameras to disable than up top, so try to enter via the second floor.

Up on the second floor disable the first camera directly ahead, you should spot a bunch of technicians working in the rooms ahead if they hadn't run after you earlier. Deal with them from here, they may also summon more guards patrolling the corridors way beyond the hangar so switch between the P90's threat detector and your X-ray goggles to see them advancing. Stay back and wait for a clear shot. Go inside the first observation room, the left side is lined with more workbenches with microphone terminals you can also use to page Dr. Caroll.

Grab the Armor vest in the corner by the vending machine before moving on. Take care as you exit the room ahead as there's a camera directly above you. Reprogram or destroy it and enter the next room ahead. Beyond this one a camera's positioned on the wall on the left, deal with it and make sure Dr. Caroll's still with you. Climb down the ramp outside and disable the nearest camera over on the left.

Descend to the ground floor and move towards the exit. Don't enter the corridor just yet, use the X-ray goggles to see the patrolling guard and whack him from behind (he may have already joined the others to attack you earlier). Beyond this corridor you'll find a winding ramp leading down, watch out for the guard patrolling and descend the shaft. Below you'll find the entrance to the Archaeology lab area, manipulate Father into evacuating the scientists via the terminal nearby if you need to.

If you paged Dr. Caroll to Archaeology he'll be waiting further inside. Wait for all the scientists to run off before moving in (you don't want them triggering an alarm at this stage). Turn right at the first door and head down the ramp beyond. At the bottom enter the room to find Dr. Caroll waiting for you inside. No matter where you find him he'll insist on the two of you heading to his lab to talk in private. His lab lies just beyond Archaeology, so it's much more convenient if you can get him to appear here.

Follow him through the exit ahead and up the next ramp. If an alarm has gone off at any time, ready a weapon as you reach the sealed door outside the Datacore, as three guards - two with Combat Shields wait in the corridor beyond. Deal with all three and go back for Dr. Caroll who's probably cowering from the shooting. Follow him through the corridor and around the corner. Beyond you'll reach his own cosy lab and the end of the mission as your reward.

Next Mission: Trinity Escape

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