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Laboratory Rescue

Joanna's penetrated Zhang Li's private laboratories, now all she needs to do is locate Jack in the heart of the dataDyne facility.

Mission Five
Default gadget:
Datathief (A)
Demokit (SA)
Loctopus (PA)
Other gadgets:
Silver keycard, Gold keycard
Available weapons:
P9P, MagSec, DY357, DW-P5, KSI-74, M60, Flashbang

Access containment facility (Primary)

Down in the bowels of Zhang Li's top research facility you'll need to comb through a myriad of labs to gain access to the containment area where Jack's held. You'll start out at the main elevator, beyond the door at the end of the first corridor lies the first research lab. Right from the start you should bring along a silenced weapon and pull it out straight away - you don't want to be tripping off alarms here. Exit the room quickly and whack the guard walking away from you in the back (otherwise hide behind the crates nearby and wait for him to appear).

Take in the room around you, from here you're on a balcony overlooking central lab work stations below where a few scientists are poring over those weird glyphs the game's case is covered in. Listen to their dialogue and the constant dataDyne-endorsing voice overs for a quick laugh.

Now to get down to business. The door leading off to the containment area is directly below your current position, but you'll need a Gold keycard to gain access. Depending on your difficulty setting you'll run around doing a few different things before moving on from the labs.

Shutdown power generator (Support)

Firstly, shutting down the main power generator of this facility will give you cover under darkness, at least from anyone not wearing Nightvision goggles. Chandra will also pipe in explaining that a thermal tracking system can feed security forces your exact position, so you'll need to shut down the system as well to avoid trouble. Don't worry about it for now, you'll shut down the system while completing your other tasks.

Creep around the balcony, there's a guard positioned over by the sealed red door ahead. Pop him and move onward. Down the end of the balcony an unsealed door's guarded by a dataDyne grunt, pop him and grab any dropped weaponry on the way. Stand at the door the first guard was manning and look over at the other side of the balcony - another guard watches over a sealed door there. Knock him down before moving on.

Now if you're playing on Perfect Agent you should know your way around by now, but I'll give a quick rundown anyway. The staircase at one end of the balcony leads down to the containment area's sealed door and the labs below, there's also a cargo lift on the opposite side of the balcony leading down into the lab, but you shouldn't need to go down there. The first sealed door along the balcony leads to a research lab containing the Silver keycard. The door's locked, so you'll need to hack the terminal with the Datathief to crack it open.

The door down the far end of the balcony leads down to the basement power generator room, and the door over in the corner at the end of the balcony leads to a computer lab where the Gold keycard hides. You'll need the Silver keycard to open that door. Once you've snagged the Gold keycard you can open up the containment area's blast door.

I'll now give directions to lead you through a path on Perfect Agent with the default Loctopus gadget. The first door to the Silver keycard room's sealed so you'll need to go through the unsealed door down the end of the balcony. On your way down you'll pass by an alarm terminal on the wall, keep an eye out for these as they're both the on and off switch for the alarm system. Open the door and quick as you can take the guard resting against a pillar in the following room.

Through the glass wall in this room you can scope out what's happening in the room below. There's a few KSI-wielding guards wandering around the room, use the Cover move on a pillar and watch for a guard moving close by the red barrels against the wall. When he's close enough to one put a shot into it to stir up trouble. Stay there and watch for other guards running around, be warned as some may run up the stairs over on the left to converge on your position. Score headshots as they aren't wearing helmets. When the noise stops move through the next corridor and head down to the basement. Be careful as a final guard may be hiding behind an overturned table at the opposite end of the room.

Neutralize gas defenses (Primary - PA)

You've got an extra problem here when playing on Perfect Agent, as one of the annoying scientists will trigger a gas release valve which floods the entire area with noxious green gases capable of slowly chewing away at your health. Try to avoid taking any damage from enemies as the gas only causes shock damage but there's no time for it to recover.

Down in the room you'll find an array of barrels and crates scattered around, look carefully at the two crates near the foot of the stairs - there's a pair of Nightvision goggles resting atop one. Grab it before moving on. Keep in mind that there's a hidden tunnel in here beside the staircase leading off to the tracking system's power room (and right behind the computer labs where the Gold keycard is), but you'll need the Datathief to open up the laserfield blocking your path.

Pick up any fallen weaponry and go over to the opening in the corner of the room behind the overturned table. Follow the corridor downward to find the power generator room. Watch out for two guards hiding out in there, one carries dual MagSecs. Deal with them both and flip the switch on the generator's console on the left to plunge the facility into darkness (or wire up the Demokit on the side of the generator to blow it).

Another snag to your mission, or as Chandra likes to call "mission creep," the generator's unauthorised power down cycle triggers the alarm and the tracking system's still powered up (on Secret and Perfect Agent). That means dataDyne's security teams can track where you are and send non-stop waves of enemies after you. To stop them you'll need to destroy the tracking system's power supply. But first you'll need to deal with all that smelly gas permeating your lungs.

Walk over to the back of the power generator's room and whack the small grate on the wall to open up a hidden tunnel. Crawl through and enter the ventilation shaft. Ignore the spiderbots crawling around, their CPU controller is perfectly fine here so they won't go after you. At the end of the tunnel crack open the grate to find yourself out the back of the research lab where the Silver keycard rests.

Walk forward to find a lone scientist in the room, he's survived the gas due to the breathing respirator he's wearing. On the way into the room you'll have passed the ventilation control valve (it looks like a large pipe with a valve wheel and doesn't appear on Agent or Secret Agent), either use the Loctopus on the lock pin to seal off the gas, or point a gun in the scientist's face and he'll shut it off for you to complete this objective.

Disable tracking system (Support - SA, PA)

Grab the Silver keycard off the workbench (it gives off a funky blue glowing effect, almost like it's on fire) before leaving. Now the alarm will still be active but the door above is still locked so the security teams can't get to you from here. Now it's time to shut off that annoying tracking system, but for now the best thing you can do is shut off the alarm - that'll stop the stream of enemies. The alarm is on the wall behind the big rotating hologram of the globe.

By now the security response team should be congregating outside the door above in the main lab area, you can try to storm them from there or backtrack and take them from behind. Either way you go take extreme care as these ladies are all armed with Magnums and they sting like hell on Perfect Agent. Bring along the SuperDragon and pump a few grenades at them when they bunch up, or use your own Magnum against them as they've all got helmets on.

Score a break in their attacks and quickly hit the alarm on the wall nearby to stop them appearing. Grab any fallen weaponry for your Magnum and head over to the Silver keycard door at the end of the balcony. Open it up and run inside. You're now in a room full of large computer mainframes, the Gold keycard should be resting atop the center desk in the large glass-enclosed office (if it's not there look away and wait for it to appear). With the keycard in hand, run up the stairs at the back of the room and head past the group of mainframes there. Behind here you'll find the tracking system's power room (on Agent or Secret Agent go in slowly to hear two scientists comment on their gaming habits).

Look at the lone terminal on the wall. See that cable running up the wall? Follow up it to find a large cluster of green power nodes in the ceiling. There's four of them, unload all you've got into each one. All four nodes destroyed will render the tracking system useless and you'll be safe from dataDyne's ladies.

Head back outside to the main lab area, you can now finally enter the containment area. On the way out of the computer lab, if there's a scientist standing at the alarm terminal on the wall with his hands up, whack him one as he'll keep setting it off. Clear off any remaining security patrols and head down to the ground floor. Watch out for a lone KSI-wielding soldier keeping watch over the containment room's blast door (he may have come after you earlier). With him gone, make sure the alarm on the wall's switched off. Activate the switch beside the huge door to open it up, granting you access to the containment area beyond.

Locate and rescue Jack (Primary)

Inside is a massive hollowed-out cavern with a huge towering structure in the center. On the ground surrounding the tower are a few roving MagSec-wielding guards, and atop the scaffolding surrounding the tower KSI-wielding guards watch for you. Stay behind the stacked crates just inside and pull out a silenced weapon. Take out the KSI guard standing nearby the red barrels up above, then pick off any remaining ones in view with well-aimed headshots (they don't move at all so they're sitting ducks). If anyone sees you the ground troops will rush forward, take them all from cover and watch out for any storming your position.

If the alarm goes off again when you move forward abandon your position and head back inside the lab to switch it off at the terminal on the wall. Be careful for any remaining security ladies creeping up behind you though. Back in the containment area, when the noise stops and you can't see any more guards, go further inside. Watch out for a remaining guard way up across the furthest bridge from the tower. Once inside, go left towards the yellow-lit corridor and take cover behind the tall rocky formations, as up above across from you there's two M60 turrets bearing down on you. Creep out and fire all you've got at them, strip off their armor with a few shots to finish them both off.

With your position clear you can climb up the tower either via the scaffolding (there's an Armor vest there as well if you need it), or over at the cargo lift in the corner. Either way once you're at the top, you'll need to get inside the control tower itself. Watch out for a lone guard hiding inside, grab a Flashbang sitting atop the lone barrel across the bridge in the corner to help you out. Climb up the circular staircase and lob a Flashbang at the ceiling so it drops to the floor. When it goes off head up and whack the guard before he can move.

With the guard taken care of, look around the small control room. There's two main switches you can use. The left one cycles between prison cells over in the brig, hit the switch to be shown a picture-in-picture view of which cell is currently selected. Most of them are empty, some have a body (or skeleton) inside, but when you see Jack sitting at the back of a cell stop flipping the switch. Hit the switch over on the right to open up the cell before leaving.

If you have the Datathief you don't need to open the cells like this, as you can always hack the terminals beside the actual cells themselves. Cross the bridge outside the tower over to the ledge where the two M60 turrets rest. The lone door there leads to the brig, but inside is an entire platoon of security ladies and MagSec-wielding soldiers.

Ready a Flashbang and hold down the Left Trigger to arm it. Walk up to the door and open it, release the Flashbang into the room to grab their attention and use the delay to run back outside and man the M60 turret over closest to the bridge. You'll want this turret as your enemies will need to run around the corner ahead to see you (the door's blocked from view), giving you a perfect vantage point.

Zoom in and rip into anything coming around the corner. Once the ladies stop appearing the soldiers will turn up (if they don't you'll need to go back inside and grab their attention), eventually one carrying an M60 will appear. When he's gone and the noise stops you should be in the clear. Jump off the turret and go back inside, carefully watching for any stragglers.

Inside you'll find an entire array of prison cells (dataDyne sure know how to look after their guests). Jack changes cells each time you play the mission so look around for the right one. If you've opened the cell earlier walk right in to complete the mission, or use the Datathief on the terminal to open the laserfield. Watch the ensuing cutscene and if you're a veteran Perfect Dark player listen carefully to what Jack mumbles, he curiously mentions Elvis' real name and that weird password from Cassandra's necklace.

Next Mission: River Extraction

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